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    That's strange. In a normal situation approach would give you final vectors/or let you fly a STAR to an ILS approach localizer, and when you are established (when your autopilot has picked up and is flying the localizer direction), they would hand you over to Tower. If you do capture the localizer, you can try manually tuning (or using the ATC menu) to the tower and request permission to land.

    Hello SkyyStorm, thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I am handed to approach, they tell me to "continue flying as planned", they make me set the altimeter, and then they disappear, as told.

    Yep, I know that the above should happen in normal situation, it's more or less what it was used to be in FSX... The problem is, they never give me vectors... The lowest altitude I was in one of my flights was 2.200ft, which I believe is more than enough to catch the glideslope, I had the ILS freq set, but I never picked up any signals, which led me thinking maybe LIBP was bugged.

    One reason they didn't might be that your altimeter setting (barometric pressure) is not correct, so you indicate higher than you are. Try pressing "B" when closer to the airport or set it yourself based on the ATIS (or a METAR) for that airport.

    Been there, done that, but no success. :(

    As for not descending via AP, with the Garmin 530, if you are close enough and looking to line up to the runway, you should switch it using CDI(I think?) to VLOC mode, after setting the ILS frequency. That changes the AP from flying the GPS route to capturing the localizer based on your NAV frequency.

    Hm... So, what I did was to set the ILS frequency on NAV1 and I confirm you have to switch to VLOC pressing CDI button (I watched a video about it) once you are established on the localizer.

    I simply haven't got there because I never pick up the ILS signal, that's what bother me.

    I did not remember I had then to switch to approach mode frankly, but I have never got there, so it doesn't matter (at the moment).

    Anyway, you confirm that once I am handed over to approach, I should receive vectors to final, so something is wrong here.

    Maybe MSFS is fooled by the way I build the flight plan in LittleNavMap?

    I select the departing airport and add it to the flight plan with one of its SID procedure. Then I select the destination airport and add it to the plan with one of its STAR. And then finally I select the last leg of dep and the first of arr and "calculate an IFR plan between selected legs". Maybe that's what's confusing MSFS? (It shouldn't though)

    Hello everybody,

    My first post here, and my first hours (as a non-real pilot) on MSFS. I wonder if I am doing something wrong or if it's simulators fault.

    So, I wanted to try my hands on ILS landing with a small aircraft, and at the moment, to start slow, I am flying the analog 172, with the Garmin 530.

    I used Littlenavmap to create an IFR plan from LIRA to LIBP (attached): IFR Ciampino (LIRA) to Pescara (LIBP).zip) and started to fly it.

    I am very new to the ifr so sometimes I struggle a bit to make the AP get the instructions: sometimes I set the desired altitude, +500fpm desired climbing, hit NAV... and the AP does not follow the waypoints. Sometime, exact same steps, and the aircraft turn where I expect it to turn. However.

    I eventually managed to fly the whole approx 1h route to LIBP, and the ATC hands me over the appropriate center. Now: when it is time to, they instruct me to begin my descent, which I do. Then they either tell me to continue as planned and to expect vectors for ILS Y 22 approach or they propose me VFR approach to rwy 4, I ask for ILS Y 22 and they grant me, telling to continue as planned, as before.

    At this point... I am left on my own: I complete my descent to assigned altitude, I continue to fly my route and... they never bother to call me again.

    I set ILS freq (110.700) on NAV1, but I am never instructed to do anything, nor cleared to land, nor anything.

    I tried to do couple of things:

    1) I let the AP fly the planned route, reaching wpt IF22 then turning towards the airport

    2) I switched to heading mode, so the airplane eventually reach IF22 and continue to fly straight into the sea

    In both cases, the ATC never gets back to me with vectors or corrections, or telling me to descend more... even when flying towards the airport, I waited until I was clearly too high to start a descent... and nothing.

    By the way, I also turned on the NAV1 audio, and I couldn't get the morse code (I was 2.200ft high in this occasion, from IF22 to almost above the runway, never heard any bleep on the radio).

    So... Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in the ATC, in the airport code, in the aircraft or what?

    Next time I have time I will try flying with the G1000 equipped Cessna, but I think what I did should work even with the analog one, shouldn't it?