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    Hi WebMaster,

    This is the best website related to MSFS i found, it was great until that advert pop up came up.
    I come up multiples times and require manual removal for view the websites contents properly.
    I understand you try to make money but please do not force the users to act as pop up blocker.
    It come up to every user download pages, it get really annoying when browsing users contents.
    That would be great if you can review your enrichment plan please.
    Pop up and ads are blocked in my browser by default, is there a way to get rid of it ?
    If some users could give their feedback about that would be great too :)

    There are actually several on the site. There are MFSAddonCollector, MSFS_Addons_Linker, and ModManFX. I'm sure that one of those would suit your needs.

    Thanks i am trying now MFS AddOn Collector.
    I used
    MSFS Addons Linker that has some functionalities for fix duplicate filenames and bgl files but still with that i struggle to get all my addons working together.

    Hi the Community :)
    Is not already there an addon checker ?

    Like a program that check the manifest, layout, aircraft.cfg, etc... Basically all the files and also the .JSON files that goes with the textures.
    It will help peoples as me that have an important amount of addon and problems when adding more with the need to fix the files...

    Maybe someone that has the knowledges could try to do that ?
    That will be great :thumbup:
    Good flights,


    Id say its not worth it either unless youre into making formation flight youtube videos with friends. good looking plane on the outside but not worth $40. It also started to show as gate traffic for me. dont recall ever seeing an F-15 parked at any terminal gate lol. So i ended up uninstalling it and other military planes so that i wouldnt see it spawn at gate anymore.

    You can set this in aircraft.cfg so the plane do not spawn at the gate as AI :
    isAirTraffic = 0