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    First time posting here and firstly wanted to say how much I love the site and the way it makes mods and addons so much easier to manage. Thank you!

    I may be missing something (and I have tried to search for other posts on this forum but didn't find anything) but is it possible to filter the "What is new" section by category?

    I am trying to use it to spot any new mods or addons that I may find useful or that are worth keeping and eye on. Being able to mark the items as read is a great help, as I can use that when I have checked them all and not have to clumsily try to to remember where I got to. However, despite checking pretty much every day, there are often well in excess of 100 items for me to look through - a lot of which are from categories I am not currently looking for (Liveries, Paint Jobs etc).

    Being able to filter out (or opt into) different categories would make this task a lot easier. Also, the ability to filter between new additions and updates would also be really handy (as updates for my existing downloads are already excellently handled in the "My Downloads" and "Mod Manager" sections).

    It may be that I am going about this the wrong way (in which case, could someone please point me in the right direction?) but I would think a lot of people would find this feature very useful for the reasons stated above?

    I hope this makes sense!