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    Most of my self imported legacy planes and planes I got here that worked great before the update crash every time the mouse arrow touches the screen when in cockpit view I get CTDs. I have left comments on the planes here to let the authors know if there are any problems. this whole update was of no help to me. I never complained about any of the things the update was supposed to fix. it all worked smooth to me. Now all I do is wait for the sim to load after the last CTD. 5minutes of flying and hours of screwing with the thing to see what even works. There is no excuse, the update was rushed and a load of crud. They probably don't care if things are 3rd party friendly.

    I wish someone would do Edwards AFB in California. It actually blows my mind that the Default is so bad and that there isn't even a payware KEDW. I would have though that the USA update, would have included Edwards. Think of how much history and how many advances in aviation happened, at Edwards. I did the best I could with the SDK but its only a shadow of the real "Eddy" KEDW.

    Sorry, I wish I could answer your question. I just cant bring myself to spend $40 for a plane right now and keep in mind the Eurofighter is less than half the price and isn't "that" bad. However, when you see a plane like the tjburni (Aerosoar) Mig 15 or even the BlueMesh Alpha Jet here for free, Or the MB 339 for $19, it puts many things in perspective because they are pretty nice. I think people here who are used to just FSX like me are less picky about aircraft than others who have DCX World and other newer high resolution simulations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's hard for me because I have over 130 aircraft in my FSX. I have something like 10 addon aircraft for MSFS 2020. I wish the pace of addon aircraft would pick up. its like waiting for a new movie to come out on HULU :D I also wish there were more quality levels of choices to choose from. High end for big spenders and mid range for those of us who really aren't that discerning. If you can get a pretty nice Mig 15 here for free why not a "pertty nice" F-16, F-18 (Native) or whatever for $15 or $20. If people can't do mid range quality than let them pay $40 to $50. Meanwhile we will see in time what will come next, to, the best damn addon site for MSFS 2020 on the web!!