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    Hello fellow simmers!

    Im happy to announce my entry into flightsim-development, with the release of my first project, EDMI - Flugplatz Illertissen.
    More things are to come in the future, i cant wait to release many more airports for MSFS, making it more worthwhile for people to fly in Microsoft Flightsimulator.

    Im trying to implement all kinds of dynamic features in upcoming products and started with the dynamic runway signs or items like the parasol, that react to rain and daytime. There are a few other items that have some dynamic but the implementation is rather basic at this time. But you can expect a few updates in the coming months.

    Now some description and feature-list for the project.

    Happy flying!

    EDMI - Flugplatz Illertissen

    is a small German airfield in South Germany, Bavaria.


    "Luftsportverein Illertissen" exists since over 70 years and gives pilots of piston aircrafts and gliders a base to perform the hobby of "Flying". The paraglider team "Paranodon" also has its roots at EDMI. The airfield comes to life around the warmer months, with a terrace and restaurant for everyone interested in an exiting experience. One can also book roundtrips around the location, giving everyone the possibility to enjoy the great views from up above.

    The German Alps are just a hop away, making this airfield an optimal choice to fly in South Germany. Illertissen lies in an area near Kempten, Memmingen, Augsburg and Ulm. Munich and Stuttgart are also in short reach. This makes it perfect as starting point to either of those places or the Alps.

    This project is a highly accurate representation at the moment of production and lots of work went into it. Ive tried to cover everything that takes the immediate focus when being at the airfield. Everything you see is modeled with dozens of pictures as reference, after talking to pilots that really fly here and people that call this "second home".

    You will find rather unusual sights, compared to some other smaller airfields. Also, EDMI has history and this is well seen in every corner of the airfield and its buildings. Lots of improvisation happened and i tried to cover this as good as possible. You wonder why the door of a grey container is yellow? Probably there is a reason^^ Everything you see is as it is in real (in times of COVID though, will be updated as soon i can make pics of the lively version of the airport).


    PS: Many hours, hundreds of them, went into this project. Any form of donation is very appreciated :-)


    EDMI Flugplatz Illertissen Features

    • Full PBR airfield in 4k
    • Dynamic features that make certain items react on weather or time (i.e runway sign that changes with wind direction and objects that only appear in certain conditions or time.). Not fully implemented yet on all models.
    • Handcrafted models of everything on the airport
    • Highly accurate models, based on many reference pictures i made on the airfield (Thank you Phillip. v. C)
    • Ortho ground image (downloadable as different package)
    • current version: implementation of Daves People-Library (optional)

    Known issues

    - Daves People Library: If this airfield is used with Daves People Library it will cause a suboptimal experience. If used mostly during day or in summer it should be an improvement to have it installed. But since some parts of the airport are dynamic while the people arent, some situations are a bit off (like if it rains and the parasols close but the people stay still and get wet).

    - Current Runway Sign: If have gusting winds from the opposite direction it can can cause the sign to switch positions erratically.

    - This version is only 0.6 and there may be smaller issues with a texture here or there. You can expect updates in future that will constantly improve certain aspects.


    All models and textures are NOT to be modified and uploaded elsewhere. You are allowed to use this airport for yourself (as a person) as you want (place custom objects there, etc) but you are NOT allowed to re-upload or claim any work in this package as yours.

    All logos are used with permission and are in ownership of their respective companies.


    A few of the base-textures (before modification) can come from either one of those places

    - cc0textures

    - texturehaven


    Hello together.

    Im Senchay, new in the FS-developing scene and im currently working on a small airfield in Germany.

    Lots of hours went into this (easily over 350), basically im aiming towards a 1:1 replica of everything on the airport. Due to winter and Corona the airport isnt busy atm so probably im missing some items that are there when the pilots are active. When it opens i will add some more objects, so far thats all i can see.

    Ill add some preview pics now (not too many so i dont spoil everything). They are all out of the sim, with medium to high settings. So it can look worse and it can look better, depending on your settings.

    The airfield will get some dynamic objects, like parasols that only appear in summer, a custom windsock, hopefully wind based sign on the tower and when time comes some more variation. But not all of those features will make it into the airfield right from beginning.

    Just a quick reminder before the pics, everything you see is like on the airfield, even it may look weird. If you see yellow doors and sofas where you think they do not belong to i have to tell you that your wrong ^^ This is like it is irl. Nearly everything.








    See you soon at EDMI :-)