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    Well I now have the Logitech Extreme 3D Joystick and it has a set of Default settings that was good news I can get airborne but don't seem to be able to land on the runway just in-between or the grass still it's a bit better than upside down at night :)

    I am looking at the lessons ;) yes I like a bit of marching music German or British and nearly every Friday morning here in England

    on Classic FM they play the Liberty Bell march around 0745 hrs I did fly upside down the other night and crashed :/

    the thing I don't understand is why am I getting all this X Box rubbish =O

    I don't have one and will never have one mind you that nice smoothing music was great to hear :)

    for hours and hours whilst it downloaded the program most of yesterday 8)

    So now I have my joystick I will be up in the air soon and maybe just as quickly down ;)

    Hello david5noel and JohnG, TL_Creation.

    thank you for the information I will look up steam I think my internet speed should be ok I play World Of Tanks for 2 hours or more every day and it has never frozen

    I will report back once I have the simulator installed and working with my brand new Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

    I am a older person ie 71 and I just don't seem to find out how to install the program I keep looking on YouTube can some kind person please show me what to do ?( Please

    I can't be that daft can I :|