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    There are plenty of blender files available in User Content > Paintkits.

    I use a fantastic one for the A320 which allows you to both paint direct onto the model in blender, great for applying logos across joints for example, but you can also instantly import the png files to view them in real time instead of loading the sim.

    I thought I was late to the party in finding this out a few weeks ago but it's a game changer.

    I found 7 of my files on their site and filed an abuse report.

    They responded with the whole 'livery belongs to the airline so we're not taking it down' etc so filed another report.

    However, does this responsibility of filing reports to other sites for 'stealing' content not lie with I thought the whole idea of making it exclusive was that they help you with trying to take content down that has been stolen from this site?

    In all honesty, other than credit stealing, what do I personally have to lose from other sites hosting my files? Doesn't stand to lose more in terms of missed potential traffic?

    I'll see what they come back with on their next response, but if they still refuse, I don't think I'm really that concerned, or should I ask the owners/admins of this site to step in?