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    I'm not sure if it's like this for everyone or if this is just a bug on the creator's side. However, with the last 2 posts I have made for one of my uploads, my thread has been duplicated in the My Groups section.


    There absolutely is a purpose. Putting a wait spreads out the load on the server. Too many downloads starting or running at once can put a heavy load on the server, slowing down downloads. Think of the amount of hourly traffic this site sees. It's not just a few people downloading at a time.

    It's 30 seconds. Start the download and open a new tab. Browse other addons or another site while you wait. Watch a short video. Hydrate. Have an existential crisis. Realize you're good. Oh shoot, it's done..

    It could always be worse. Annoying is waiting 5 minutes for a download to start, only for it to fail and the wait starts over. Annoying is downloading 2 GB on a 30 kbps connection. Annoying is trying to figure out which download button is the real download. Yes. It could always be worse..


    I'm loving the new dark mode, but have noticed several CSS issues that I thought would be good to point out. I have sorted them by page below:


    - Sorting nav bar at the top still has a white background (Not sure if intentional or not).


    - Previous/Next container background is white.


    [General Tab]

    - Description box still uses standard color-scheme.

    - Search Keywords are unreadable, having grey background with same color text. (class="tag text-dark")


    - tags and location badges appear to still use light theme.

    These are just some of the ones I have noticed while using the site. Some may be intentional, but I tried to use my best judgement to only list the ones I thought may be unintentional. :)

    Moving forward, I would highly recommend keeping track. The object will tell you what library it's from if you click on it again after placing, in the scenery editor properties.

    I caution because if you don't keep track and you have other downloaded/purchased addons as well, you may inadvertently include a model related exclusively to those packages.

    Keep on creating!

    Château de Breteuil was just added to the library today. The map hasn't been updated in 5 days, so it should be updated sometime this week. They seem to update the map about once per week.

    As far as other addons not being on there, they could have been missed or the dev may not have included the coordinates. Although, from what I have seen, even some without coordinates provided are sometimes added (regional sceneries). It likely just depends on the backlog of addons that need to be added.

    You shouldn't need to remove the scenery from the community folder each time. I keep mine in all the time without issue. The only time I would consider this is in extreme cases of debugging (Ex. CTD).

    Once you load in to check it, you can immediately open the project again and continue making adjustments.

    Well I thought it was related to ad-blocker too but I can't download anything since today, the countdown will just stay on the same number and never change.

    What browser are you using? Also, any browser extensions/addons?

    I've never dug into how the site is coded, but I'm assuming that that part is Javascript. So, could you have something installed or enabled that blocks JS?

    I just reenabled Adblock+ to test and can download without issue, so at least that is ruled out.

    The pop-ups are a tad annoying, although I don't really mind the video ones in the bottom corners. They are out of the way for the most part. Now, the full page pop-ups are more annoying., as they actually keep you from viewing the page content until you close it out.

    I typically run Adblock Plus, however since this website is funded by ads and donations, and I want to see it continue into the future, I have opted to keep it disabled. Just as long as they don't get to the point where it makes the site annoying to use.

    Hello all!

    Just a little heads up. After some consideration and nudging from the community, I have decided to make my "Emerald Object Library" available for public use in freeware addons!

    Emerald Object Library (EOL, for short) is a collection of models produced by Emerald Scenery Design.

    Emerald Object Library is built for and intended to be used with Emerald Scenery Design sceneries, first and foremost. With that said, I'm currently not taking requests to add objects to this library (Too many irons in the fire right now). Objects will be added as I create, convert or purchase them for my projects.

    Also, be aware that objects may be updated or (in worse case scenario) removed altogether. Usually I try to do this as seamless as possible, often replacing objects instead of removing them. No such notification of these changes will be published other than in the release changelog, so please give it a quick read after each update!


    Please read through the description and Terms of Use provided on the download page.

    The included readme.txt is currently out-of-date. An update was planned to go along with this announcement, however a new model is causing the sim to CTD, so it has been withheld for now.

    Emerald Object Library can be downloaded from here:

    See more photos on the download page.

    If you already have some just about ready to go, I suggest that you document them and release them ASAP. Developers are crying out for more library items. You can always update later to add new ones, as you have them ready, or even create another library.

    Emerald Object Library is now publicly available for freeware use. I was planning on releasing an update to go alongside it, but I'm having trouble with one of the new models after the latest MSFS update.

    You may choose to share hour libraries with everyone by making them available here? Just a thought to help other developers.

    I think that's what I will ultimately do. They are available here now, just unlisted until I'm ready to allow others to use them, publicly. So far, I've let anyone who wants to use them in a project do so.

    I still have some more objects to add, and I really need to document all the models before I do a public release, just so everyone knows what's included. It's just finding the time to do that bit of extra work.

    looks very nice. I don't fly around there very much, but once this is out, I'll make some special flights, just to oggle the scenery.

    Silly question, but I trust that you are aware of the various libraries of "pre-made" pieces of scenery available here to help you populate sites like this one? If so, apologies for teaching granny to suck eggs/if not, you might like to check out the work of badmed, amongst others.

    Thank you! And yes, I am aware of all the great libraries produced by various devs. :) I do have my own collection of libraries that will be used in this scenery. Most all of which have already been converted for this scenery, however, I'm looking at adding some additional models, as well as replacing some, so I still have those to do yet!

    Sorry for the lack of communication. I completely forgot about the forums.

    No major progress right now. Spending most of my time wrapping up a payware for FSX and P3D. Hoping to get the initial release up sometime after. Likely sometime this summer. :)

    Thanks! I got it set up as a dependency now.

    The download is public on my website, so I'm not really worried about others finding the download. I more just didn't want it to show up in the libraries section and someone assume that they can use it since it's listed there. It's always been a honor system and (knock on wood) nobody has defied it yet.

    Not to say there isn't a first for anything, but hopefully one at least asks permission first.

    I have an object library that I have finally converted and am starting to use in my latest addons. I have kept these libraries pretty much exclusive to my own sceneries ever since I started developing them many years back for FSX & P3D.

    I don't want to make them public because I am undecided on if I want others using the library just yet. The biggest issue is that I have hundreds of dollars worth of models I have outsourced or purchased that are currently in or will be coming to the package at a later date.

    I have uploaded the library to the site here as an unlisted file, so that users can more easily keep track of when an update is released. I would like to list them as a dependency under my addon(s), however it seems that only public releases can be added.

    Could this be modified to include unlisted releases? Maybe allowing it to only search your inventory, or require an internal link, to link to it.

    Greetings all!

    Bear Island started off as a simple scenery produced by another developer and myself back in 2013, as we were just learning the ropes of scenery development for FSX. Years later, in April of 2017, Bear Island had become one of my personal favorite locations to fly into, as well as a favorite for many simmers. However, I felt that with the knowledge I had gained over the years, the scenery no longer held up to my standards. So, I decided to create a redux of the scenery, utilizing every skill and tool I knew at the time. A personal challenge, just to see how far I could go.

    Over the years, I have continued to update and improve the scenery, and after releasing it for FSX and P3D back in 2017, it quickly became one of my most popular creations (Now succeeded by my Solomon Islands X regional scenery).

    Now, almost 4 years after releasing the redux, it's time to bring the scenery over to MSFS! (Fun fact: The redux was also done nearly 4 years after the initial release, meaning that this addon unintentionally receives an upgrade almost every 4 years, so far..)

    The conversion will follow the layout of the original scenery for FSX and P3D. However there will likely be some differences, depending on what I can achieve with the SDK. To start, the imagery is the same, however it has now been upscaled from 30cm to 15cm (LOD20) using AI software. All of the features handled by SODE on the other platforms will hopefully show up sooner or later. Some models may be swapped for newer renditions, while others may be updated a bit. To what extent, I currently have not decided.

    As of today, all of the library objects included in the scenery have been converted and are now placed. The aerial imagery present at this very moment is the first rendition, so it still has many imperfections. Although it may not look it, don't be fooled, there is still a lot of work to do yet, but I will continue sharing progress along the way. My main development thread for this project is over at FSDeveloper, which will always be up-to-date with my current progress. You can find that here. I have not decided whether or not I will post all updates here (on this thread) as well, or just milestone updates. Time will tell I guess!

    More progress updates coming in the near future! Until then, here are the few development shots I have so far:

    (Note: These screenshots represent an unfinish project at various stages of completion!)