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    What's weird is that straight after the error message I momentarily (blink and you miss it) see a `You have been signed out of XBox Live' which I've just noticed aftere the 482nd time of trying various things. Then kicks me back to the XBox app where I'm clearly logged in and can play other games from there

    If you got MSFS 2020 like I did from the MS store. I had to go to the MS Store and start the install from there by looking under my account and going to the MSFS 2020 under recent activity. I had to just reinstall also.

    I did yeah, it still only gets as far as the Paris loading screen, then thats the error I get, every single time. I've tried installing the standard Game Pass version and update it in-game (grrr, resetting all my settings plus the xteen hour download! Gutted. I'm hoping they're either bombarded with people updating and their system has crashed, or bombarded with tickets. It says I own the ultimate deluxe version, won't let me install ANY version. Absolutely lost now.

    All I'm getting today is `access to the content server is denied'. Then goes to the intro screen. Thats as far as it goes. I WAS getting Update Error at 0 percent this morning. Tried uninstalling MSFS, now will only let me go in an endless loop of that. The game won''t work at all, no mods folder even there to delete before I tried to reinstall it. The 152 gig just doesn't download either within the game or within Windows store, Microsoft Store, XBox for PC. I've googled the error message and it recommended uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Gaming Services. That didn't work. I've got no pending W10 updates or anything. Weird. Was fine at midnight last night.

    Yeah this wouldn't be helping me either, thr 80 gig mods!! :D

    I was having issues changing the Community folder to somewhere (due to stupid Win10 Admin rules). I managed to clear 130 gig on my SSD (bye bye Cyperpunk! Yay!) which is too much of a coincidence since my load times (Community folder still on C:) have now gone right down to 4 minutes, double-click to load flight, so could finally use the default Community folder on c: for any addons.

    I'm assuming theres a direct link between space left on drive, with loading times. Would make sense really: if I was looking for certain items in a cluttered room, I'd find them an awful lot quicker in a much emptier room. I'm assuming Win10 also and all hard drives work like that. I knew I had a bottleneck somewhere!

    Had the domino effect of cutting my caffeine down as I dont have to double-click then go off and have coffee and still not have reached the what is now the Paris screen!

    Thanks for the feedback and help peeps, really appreciated! :thumbup: :)

    Well on an SSD with an i9 whatever and 2080Ti and 32 gig RAM, I'm getting 18 minutes. And thats so far! I dread to think where I'll be in 5 years. Probably double click on the wednesday for a session on the saturday. Its like having a commodore 64 multi-tape game!

    Anyone else be bothered to time it? It did make me laugh when I had a phone call as I double-clicked it and ended the call pretty much as the menu appeared, and that call was 18 mins 5 seconds ^^ :D

    Also hi, you creators are truly incredible people. Thank you. In the days where it seems like no one'll ever fly again, this site transforms my life.