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    Thank you John. I was about to contact the author, when a thought occurred . . . I checked my MSFS folder and there were two Community folders, one empty and one containing the required shortcuts. I am not sure how, but I had an incorrect path designated in Addons Linker. Correcting that path solved the problem.

    I have been using Addons Linker for many months, but today, I checked the M:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-3481120542-3159723895-2401771645-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Community folder and it is empty.

    Usually, it shows short-cuts to the add-ons selected in Addons Linker. The linker appears to be functioning normally and I am able to select and save the files I want included.

    Any suggestions?

    Fazer "

    If you delve into the drive on which the game is stored, there's flight-simulator files all over the place (well there is on my rig). Unless you are capacity strapped I wouldn't worry about it. If you are worried about capacity, empty the games cache (within the programme) as this can run into Gb's - better still turn it off if you have decent broadband"

    I have the Rolling Cache turned off. The program uses 313GB on a 500GB drive.

    It appears that aircraft files appear twice in my MSFS 2020 folder. For example, the Cirrus SR22 appears in the following locations - once in 'Official' folder and again in 'LocalCache\Packages\Official'.

    The paths are as follows.



    Is my installation faulty, or does the program really need these files in both locations?

    I suggest that airport scenery files start with the ICAO code, then the airport name, then any designer details. E.g., khou-houston-hobby-fred-smith or yppf-adelaide-parafield-joe-bloggs. That way, when the folder is transferred to the contents folder, it will be easy to locate as they would be sorted by country. This pre-supposes that the downloader knows the ICAO code for an airport, which is easily ascertained by a Wikipedia search for that town/city name.

    Aircraft repaints could be designated by manufacturer, model, other details, e.g., cessna-c172-g1000-blue-stripes-mike-brown.

    Since the July 2021 update, the Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals have become unusable. Prior to the update, they had been working properly.

    Details - in operation, the brake(s) appear to be permanently on. Visually, the right brake pedal in the aircraft (Cirrus SR22) is fully forward so that only the bottom of it is visible. The left pedal is visible, but I cannot remember if looks as it did proir to the July 2021 update. If I rev the engine to around 2000rpm, the aircraft will move, but if I then decrease the throttle, the aircraft stops.

    Attempted solutions - I tried re-calibrating in Thrustmaster software, Windows 10 software and have tried various adjustments to Rudder & Brake Sensitivity settings in MSFS 2020.

    My flight-simming experience - I have used most sims since FS2 in the 1980s, becoming proficient in all.

    I have reported this issue to Zendesk.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    A couple of days ago, I started MSFS as usual, selected the Cirrus SR22 and elected to fly KTMA Tifton to KMCN Macon - a seemingly straight forward flight.

    I noticed that the PFD did not show the departure and arrival airports as normal, so I clicked the Flightplan button to see if I could enter the appropriate data. Instead of its usual format showing those airports, there was just ----/---- in the flightplan window. I was unable to enter any data there and the sim soon froze, so I shut it down via the Task Manager.

    A restart produced the same result, and the following day, I repeated the exercise with the same result. I was able subsequently to complete a flight using another aircraft (Beech G36) and its PFD functioned normally.

    Heeding advice frequently suggested for problems, I removed the Community folder and restarted the SR22. Frustratingly the same failure.

    The following day, I tried the SR22, with the Community folder restored to its usual place and the SR22 now shows the flightplan in its PFD correctly.

    Today, the original flight plan failure occurred again. This time, I did not attempt to enter flight plan data manually and I was able to compete a flight KMCN to KPDK. In autopilot NAV mode, the plane properly followed the CDI, although there was no magenta line on either the PFD inset or on the map on the MFD.

    Any suggestions as to what may have caused the failure?

    Replying to CptDeadstick, I am not too fussed about what the *.zip file is called, but I would like the layout I suggested to be what I see with scenery files when I open the *.zip file. My reasoning is that when I add a mod to the community folder, I change the title to my favoured format so that if I get a future mod for the same airport, I can easily see if there is already a mod for that airport. I don't want to have more than one mod for an airport *.bgl because that would probably cause a conflict, resulting in an unusable airport.

    In FSX I had a lot of AI flights showing thanks to WoA, AI Flight Planner and other such add-ons. To the best of my knowledge there are no such add-ons for MSFS 2020 and I have been wondering whether it is workable to use repaints such as those on this site and to create AI traffic using the default aircraft and downloads such as the A330.

    My hesitation in undertaking this project is whether aircraft such as these would overwhelm the program because of the unnecessary details such as panels included with them.

    Ha anyone tried this with or without success?