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    Hi gents

    I've done a very small work to modify one of DCDesigns livery for the Stearman

    I created a package like I did for other liveries, but must have done something wrong as when this package is activated, the Stearman doesn't show in the list of available planes

    Anyone having bought the Stearman willing to help me spot the error ?

    Hi simmers!

    I'm encountering a serious issue while in the cockpit view.

    With the mouse right button pushed I can easily pan around as expected, but as soon as I release the button, the view rotates back to the front view.

    This prevents me from accessing switches, buttons, etc...

    Anybody having this problem?

    I reverted all settings (commands) to default, no result

    PS : external view works like expected, no issue at all

    What should I do, aside from totally uninstalling the simulator ?

    Would there be interrest for such a "what if" ?

    Let's imagine the early Ferris scheme tested in the mid 70's made it to ops units

    I transposed it to the only permanent fighter unit ever based in Iceland: the Knights from the 57 FIS

    If enough interrest is there, I'll finish it and upload it

    It requires me to make all warning/maintenance markings as they of course dissapeared during repaint :-)

    Indeed, it really is a PITA ;-)

    now, you can also let the game run in the background in the hangar view, and load different liveries, it then lets you see updates...nut here it is quite noisy :-)

    And this is only "acceptable" for top and sides views...


    As a long time livery maker, I'm used to preview my WIP via external viewers like LOD viewer (used back then in Wing Over.. .series) or ModelConverter X (FSX, Prepar 3d)

    Untill now, I haven't found any for MSFS planes

    Do all "painters" use the sim right away to preview their work, or do you work via Blender and/or Substance ?

    Hi All

    I've making liveries for MSFS for some time but only one at a time and added straight away to the actual mod (as none were for stock aircraft).

    I ended up understanding how to add a livery as a separate pack (easier to distribute as no more file tweaking is required) but..

    I tried to pack a set of 3 liveries for a model, but only the first of the series appear selectable in the it so meant or how should my layout.json file look like to ensure all 3 liveries are usable.

    Thx for your time,

    Cheers , :)


    Hi, very interresting reading

    I use photoshop, but also had issues opening specific DDS files which showed only black

    I googled it a bit and ended up installing a new "Intel plug in" for DDS files, and voila..

    Now those files show properly and I can play with the color channels as required

    I'll check further to find the plugin name