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    I have been uploading lots of repaints on your site, as exclusive uploads. You say that this helps tracking scrapers and other suspect behaviour.

    I recently noticed that most of my repaints, and those of many others, end up on this website:

    These repaints have been downloaded from, and I was now wondering if my exclusive uploading might help putting a stop to this activity. I have asked them a few times to stop posting my paints, but to no avail, and since they also offer a VIP service for payment, I think they are making unfair use of my work, which is supposed to be freeware for everyone. Can you help?


    I recently received a message regarding a paint I did for the Mig-15 in Russian colors, that the writer was of the opinion the this was a criminal regime, that my paint offended him, and asked me to delete it.

    If I have to delete something because of that, I might as well delete all military paints, since I am sure there are people in say Vietnam that are offended by American paints, or in Algeria that are offended by French paints etcetera... so no, I do not delete things for individual grievances.

    However, I do understand that a website that operates internationally prefers to try and not break any laws in the countries where it operates, no problems there. I may not like it, but I can respect that decision.

    so, a maximum of three uploads per hour. Ouch, I have 21 lined up.

    I don't really see why, but OK.

    But if I go out, get myself a take-away dinner, eat it and come back 90+ minutes later, and I still can't upload, I get slightly annoyed.

    ' Please be patient - you can continue uploading more files in a few hours.' A few hours?

    It feels so bloody patronizing, why is this? So what am I supposed to do in the mean time, paint more aircraft? Oh no, that would be stupid.

    So maybe I am a bit more productive than some, but come on, what is this?

    I still get spam on this site, 'want girls?' so if that is the reason it does not really work....

    I generally save my repaints and then upload a whole batch in one go. Now I can suddenly only upload 3 in an hour.. why is that? What purpose does this restriction serve?