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    Hello, I'm a newbie, have question about CRS and IAS meaning and when to use it? Thanks

    You can check the videos linked for more detail, but for a short explanation, CRS is usually referred as course, which is the direction your aircraft is moving towards over the ground. It indicates which direction you are moving. (Wind can cause your heading to be different to your course, because you could be pointing slightly into a wind)

    IAS is indicated airspeed, which is the airspeed as indicated by your airspeed gauge. This speed is measured using a pitot tube that uses air pressure differences to indicate airspeed.

    Indicated airspeed is used to determine how fast your aircraft is flying (relative to the air around it). You would, for example, want to know at what airspeed you can rotate off the runway, or what airspeed gives you maximum glide in an engine failure situation.

    To be fair, it probably takes a lot less time to make a livery than it does scenery. So you would always have more liveries than sceneries, until the liveries become saturated with most existing ones. I wouldn't say its inherently a problem, as long as categories exist (which they do).