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    Unless there is an issue as you mention with the ILS, it shouldn't. You can put any waypoints into the flight plan, the GPS AP will simply fly them.

    I see LIBP's glideslope on 22 Y starts at 2000 feet, so it should've been able to capture the localizer.

    As a test, you can use the map to spawn about 15 miles out from the airport for an approach, generally in the location that will give you a straight in. Then when spawned, turn on AP on HDG and ALT mode, fly 2000, fly towards the airport, and tune the ILS frequency. Then check if it picks it up, and try to do an CDI->APR.

    It's not impossible for that specific airport to have a bug with its ILS. You can always also try another airport to confirm.

    That's strange. In a normal situation approach would give you final vectors/or let you fly a STAR to an ILS approach localizer, and when you are established (when your autopilot has picked up and is flying the localizer direction), they would hand you over to Tower. If you do capture the localizer, you can try manually tuning (or using the ATC menu) to the tower and request permission to land.

    You might have also never been handed over to Approach. Center usually descends you to a certain altitude after which you are handed over. Center wouldn't normally hand over to Tower directly.

    One reason they didn't might be that your altimeter setting (barometric pressure) is not correct, so you indicate higher than you are. Try pressing "B" when closer to the airport or set it yourself based on the ATIS (or a METAR) for that airport.

    As for not descending via AP, with the Garmin 530, if you are close enough and looking to line up to the runway, you should switch it using CDI(I think?) to VLOC mode, after setting the ILS frequency. That changes the AP from flying the GPS route to capturing the localizer based on your NAV frequency.

    When you check the VOR 1 gauge (the one with the two lines), the vertical line indicates the localizer, so it should be center if you are in VLOC mode and on the localizer line.

    The horizontal line indicates the glide slope. That's how you would descend. So when the glide slope line starts moving down, and gets closer to the center, you should activate APR mode by choosing it on your AP.

    The autopilot should start following the glideslope down to the runway.

    Here is a great video on it:

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    Some countries do use different units. Russia and China for example I believe uses km/h for airspeed and meters for altitude.

    I think that MSFS's planes have the more common standards in use, and I don't think the settings adjust what you see on the gauges, it only affects menus (such as the fuel menu).

    I have a similar problem with the pressure, as all the planes for the most part support only inches per mg, whereas in my country where I fly most commonly we use hpa.

    So whenever I fly VATSIM, I have to convert the units I get from ATC. Hopefully in future there will be more options to change this.

    I believe the H135 has specific instructions on how you need to set up your controls to allow you to control it.

    I was able to fly it by using their instructions to map my throttle to the collective pitch (I didn't seem to need throttle, but not sure), cyclic pitch control (that you I had on the joystick), and anti-torque controls, which controls yaw (which I put on my rudder pedals.

    Likewise, you could map all 3 those to the Extreme 3D Pro (Joystick->Cyclic, throttle->collective and the joystick rudder->anti-torque.

    But check the readme for the H135, it has more specific info.


    While I think about it, perhaps you guys can just allow us to select both a country/type and a sort method on the Requests page.

    For example, if I want to search for most wanted sceneries in South Africa, I can't choose both. If I choose Most Wanted after filtering by country, then it changes to all countries.

    I am able to 'jippo' it by manually adding parameters in the address query string: "?s=most_wanted&country=ZA". If I wanted to also filter by type of scenery, I can also add that as a param.

    Edit: Nevermind, seems even my jippo doesn't work anymore.

    Yes it does. That's why using an addon manager allows you to manage just which addons you load before each flight sim session. About the ONLY addons you want all the time are those that represent mods to large areas of the earth's surface, such as generic airport fixes, and three height shorteners, and ship AI (if you've got it.

    Why would you want to load several gigabytes of data pertaining to, say, North America and Europe, when you are only flying in South Africa. Same with freebie planes. Why load that A32SX when you are going to fly a single engine bush trip? Because every time you load MSFS2020, you load ALL the addons in the Community folder, along with ALL the addons in Asobo's addon folders. An addon manager can't stop Asobo Addons from being loaded, but perhaps a suggestion for their addons to be left unloaded when firing up flight sim may be a useful thought. I might just propose it.

    Huh, okay. I didn't realize it affects the load times like that. I tend to have many of the liveries installed so that planes that are shown to me on Vatsim/multiplayer matches the ones used by other pilots. As for sceneries, I supposed that could work for now.. I'll check out the mod managers again, some time ago when I did, the one I looked at was very hard to figure out.

    Well, in small countries like ours(South Africa), I think we add the country for the most part, because that's the easiest way to make it findable for others from our country. Perhaps in larger countries with more users, they forget, because they assume what they are making is well-known, because it is to them.

    I would think that any scenery is linked to a country for the most part (we could add a no-country tag or something for scenery in the middle of the ocean or whatever else), and then maybe we can make it could be made a compulsory field when uploading?

    Is the initial game load times affected by the community folder addons? I find that the time from starting MSFS to getting to the main menu is very long for me. Actually loading in to a flight is not too bad.

    I believe they have a MSFS data update in beta at the moment.

    Quote from Navigraph

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 integration status

    Navigraph offers an update service in Beta for the navigational database in MSFS2020 available to all our customers. The service makes a significant difference adding airports that are currently missing in the simulator, e.g. EDDS and ZBAD, missing procedures, e.g. ILS 16 at LIRF, missing navaids, VFR waypoints and much more. In order to learn more and join the Beta program, please visit our support forum.

    This is an ongoing project and we are regularly performing updates as reports are submitted in our support forum, and as the stability of the simulator itself is improving.

    We are still working actively with this project. The following revisions to the data format have been released since AIRAC 2102:

    • Revision 4
      • New installer that detect the correct data location (Marketplace/Webshop)
    • Revision 3
      • Multiple terminal procedures where DME navaids were missing (ie. EDDP) fixed
    • Revision 2
      • Logic fix for FIR/Center boundaries to avoid wrong hand-offs

    Please post any issues or bug reports in the support forum. If you like what you are seeing, feel free to post some screenshots using #microsoftflightsimulator and #navigraph.

    Well, alternatively, the creator can also add commonly asked questions and answers to the frequently asked questions section of the creation.

    I don't see a problem with uploading your project in addition, especially if you feel it is an improvement. Ultimately it'd be up to the other simmers to choose which one they think is the most realistic/accurate.

    I have the Logitech Yoke (and the Extreme Pro). It works well enough for its price, and if you're on a budget its a great choice. I tend to switch between the two to match the aircraft I am flying.

    I don't know if you have a throttle already, but its also nice to have a separate throttle quadrant, so using the Yoke and the throttle together enhances your experience quite a lot (at least for me it did).

    There are of course better Yokes out there, but the prices become quite a lot steeper.

    It takes small while to get the hang of it. You aren't able to modify the existing airport directly. You would essentially 'remove' Asobo's generated jetways, and add your own in the correct positions. Same for lights, taxiways, etc.

    There are several resources available on how to use the SDK to edit sceneries, many of them on Youtube.

    There is also the official documentation.

    I found these guides by Flying Theston to be very useful.

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