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    You can find an option to choose the HUD options for each view under the Assistance Options. I can't remember the exact name, but many of those options can be changed to make the sim more 'realistic', and one of them is to display the hud in external and internal camera views, so you can turn it off there.

    (Google traduit)

    Vous pouvez trouver une option pour choisir les options HUD pour chaque vue sous les options d'assistance. Je ne me souviens pas du nom exact, mais bon nombre de ces options peuvent être modifiées pour rendre la simulation plus «réaliste», et l'une d'entre elles consiste à afficher le hud dans les vues de caméra externe et interne, afin que vous puissiez le désactiver là-bas.


    (J'ai traduit cela sur google).

    Il existe un bogue connu répertorié dans les notes de publication de la mise à jour 7 :

    L'utilisation d'une souris avec un profil personnalisé ne vous permettra pas de parcourir la carte du monde. Remettez votre souris au profil par défaut comme solution de contournement ou reconstruisez un profil personnalisé à partir du mappage par défaut.

    Cela résoudrait probablement votre problème.


    Coincidentally I noticed the same problem. I found that when flying the FBW A320, if I change Autopilot values in the sim, it does update those values on my Multipanel, but it doesn't modify all of the values back (such as IAS or HDG), and the buttons for active doesn't work.

    I've seen some posts on the net about this, including other controls overriding the values, such as arming spoilers on a throttle quadrant.

    My current suspicion (but I haven't checked yet), is that the FBWA32NX might use different variables for certain things to what I have set up on Spad.Next.

    I suggest googling through, there is a few people with very similar problems and certain solutions that might help you.

    I have not used the Simionic app specifically, but it would make sense that it works both ways.

    Because for a full sim where you have a radio panel for example with the tablet running Simionic G1000, you would want it to update the COM frequency on the sim and the G1000 display if you change it via dials on your panel.

    Disclaimer: There is a small chance that I am wrong though, so perhaps confirm with someone else here, or the developer of the App before purchasing it.

    I believe they might be referring to the advertisement popup that appears sometimes if you access the site for the first time. I think it is advertising a discount on some payware scenery.

    Even with my very fast line I randomly get that when there's temporary slow downs or downtime. It is pretty annoying because then it sets the setting to offline in the options, and you have to go set that back to online content manually.

    Hasn't happened as much recently though.

    But like John said, it can be that your internet is actually dropping or reducing in speed while your flying, causing that error to come up.

    You are at least able to store different profile configurations in MSFS, you just can't have it switch automatically. But at least you could go in and switch it when you have picked a specific aircraft.

    For example, I have a twin-engine and single engine configuration for my throttle quadrants which I switch depending on which aircraft I'm flying. (Manually of course, an automatic detection would be pretty useful).

    My assumption is it is the new control scheme, and you have no key assigned to the interact key for the new control scheme thing. If you want to go back to the old interactions, there is a setting (legacy something) where you can set it back to how it was previously.

    Alternatively, check your key bindings. I'm not at my sim at the moment, so can't remember the names of these, but is a place to start.

    As a developer, this almost literal flaming of the site devs makes me sad.

    Of course they would want to improve the site, and many 'unwanted' changes were for the better in my opinion.

    So maybe we should refrain from calling them '12 year olds' and being so aggressive about it. It's a website, and it will change constantly, as does many sites, to help improve it!

    Constructive criticism is what they want, that way they know what users would like. This thread was not that.

    Um, that's a pretty general statement. Which AI Lights? Is it all of them, or just for AI from one source? If only one, do we know which one is impacted?

    When did the problem start?

    It was a general statement as intended? I'm pretty sure this is a known bug, there's even an addon that fixes it (I believe the one you linked).

    In my sim, none of my AI aircraft have lights at night, including those generated by vPilot for Vatsim.

    Yeah, I agree that a a subscription will come eventually. My only hope is that it doesn't completely kill the speeds and support for the free members. But I do understand the costs around running a service for so many users, especially when you have to host large amounts of data like this.

    In all honesty, they are hosting our addons for free, on their servers (using for the most part ad revenue to keep it up and running), as well as constantly enhance the website to allow easy access to our uploads.

    As gets popular, it will require more resources, which needs to be managed. Thus, upload limits seems reasonable to control the traffic volumes they have to deal with (and approve)?

    You cannot natively talk to other pilots on a microphone, (there are some addons that do something like that).

    There is also Vatsim, but that's for more formal ATC radio communication simulation.

    As for the ATC talking to you in MSFS, that is the AI atc. You can send back responses or requests using the ATC menu. (Access it in the top bar, or its shortcut key, mine is Scroll Lock).

    On that window a number will be assigned to each response or request you can send to ATC, and pressing that number on your keyboard will send that response/request.

    I am unsure, you will have to experiment the outcomes of changes on that file. The max_speed_full_steering value decreases steering control on speeds higher than the setting.

    At that point you would need to steer the plane with the rudder, but at lower speeds the rudder is less effective. So some balancing is required there and with the angle lock.

    Honestly, I'm not a aircraft developer, so I can't be sure.

    The developer of the aircraft will surely have more insight into this, as the weights and balance of the aircraft will also have impacts, such as the stuck in the ground issue. It is possible that the plane type is designed to be a bit harder to fly? But I don't know. Either way, the only advice I can offer is to experiment until you get the desired effect.