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    As a developer, this almost literal flaming of the site devs makes me sad.

    Of course they would want to improve the site, and many 'unwanted' changes were for the better in my opinion.

    So maybe we should refrain from calling them '12 year olds' and being so aggressive about it. It's a website, and it will change constantly, as does many sites, to help improve it!

    Constructive criticism is what they want, that way they know what users would like. This thread was not that.

    Um, that's a pretty general statement. Which AI Lights? Is it all of them, or just for AI from one source? If only one, do we know which one is impacted?

    When did the problem start?

    It was a general statement as intended? I'm pretty sure this is a known bug, there's even an addon that fixes it (I believe the one you linked).

    In my sim, none of my AI aircraft have lights at night, including those generated by vPilot for Vatsim.

    Yeah, I agree that a a subscription will come eventually. My only hope is that it doesn't completely kill the speeds and support for the free members. But I do understand the costs around running a service for so many users, especially when you have to host large amounts of data like this.

    In all honesty, they are hosting our addons for free, on their servers (using for the most part ad revenue to keep it up and running), as well as constantly enhance the website to allow easy access to our uploads.

    As gets popular, it will require more resources, which needs to be managed. Thus, upload limits seems reasonable to control the traffic volumes they have to deal with (and approve)?

    You cannot natively talk to other pilots on a microphone, (there are some addons that do something like that).

    There is also Vatsim, but that's for more formal ATC radio communication simulation.

    As for the ATC talking to you in MSFS, that is the AI atc. You can send back responses or requests using the ATC menu. (Access it in the top bar, or its shortcut key, mine is Scroll Lock).

    On that window a number will be assigned to each response or request you can send to ATC, and pressing that number on your keyboard will send that response/request.

    I am unsure, you will have to experiment the outcomes of changes on that file. The max_speed_full_steering value decreases steering control on speeds higher than the setting.

    At that point you would need to steer the plane with the rudder, but at lower speeds the rudder is less effective. So some balancing is required there and with the angle lock.

    Honestly, I'm not a aircraft developer, so I can't be sure.

    The developer of the aircraft will surely have more insight into this, as the weights and balance of the aircraft will also have impacts, such as the stuck in the ground issue. It is possible that the plane type is designed to be a bit harder to fly? But I don't know. Either way, the only advice I can offer is to experiment until you get the desired effect.

    @SkyyStorm Im flying the xfa-36a. It has an issue where you slow down, you literally have to fight with it so it doesnt veer to the left or right when taxiing as you slow down. Do you know which settings and where to alter them? Do you have an idea? This is not a wind condition. A configuration issue. The aircraft is still in development (beta stage) as well.

    So I will start by noting that this is a beta (though I see there isn't even a cockpit, so probably more like alpha) add-on you are using, so of course there will be issues until the developer has fixed it. It might be a good idea to just wait for him/her to fix this, as any updates he does will overwrite anything you change manually.

    They even have it under known issues:

    Continue at own risk.

    You are able to edit the steering via some of the contact points settings in the cfg file (flight_model.cfg) for the aircraft if I remember correctly. I checked some I remember. Either the castering is happening at too low a speed, or perhaps the rudder doesn't have enough ground steering control, which would imply the castering is at too a high speed. You'd have to experiment. There are loads of other settings that can cause drifting though, such as weight vs area, etc, so this might not fix your issue. I've never successfully edited those, its quite an art to get these right from scratch, especially if the plane is fictional, as then there's no references. But. Below some stuff you could play around with:


    - max_speed_full_steering

    - max_speed_decreasing_steering

    - min_available_steering_angle_pct

    - max_speed_full_steering_castering

    - max_speed_decreasing_steering_castering

    You can also modify certain rudder-related options under FLIGHT_TUNING to like rudder_effectiveness, if you also have trouble steering at higher speeds.

    However, this is a lot easier to modify when doing it via the Aircraft editor in MSFS, but for that you'd need the source files, but that is not included in the add on files, as the developer has that with them (cause they are developing the aircraft).

    I'm sure the developer will get to this issue eventually, they are aware of it.

    And lastly, note that though you can change it for yourself, if you want to upload these changes, get the author of the addon's permission first.

    Reducing the LODs like that could have significant improvement on certain types of sceneries with high density objects.

    But, very few sceneries have a high amount of objects in one place, save maybe for large airports. 4 LODs does seem like a lot, but it is a good practice when we make scenery for performance I suppose. Semi annoying, but if you know it is required beforehand, its easier to implement when you create models.

    I just wish this could be a setting in the sim rather than a fixed change.

    This whole pink aircraft texture issue is most certainly something similar to this for aircraft/aircraft textures.

    How is an add-on's compatibility with Sim Update 5 determined?

    Does the developer simply compile it with the latest SDK and do internal testing?

    Is there a group on that tests it?

    Is it just used and if no bugs are reported, it is assumed compatible?

    Essentially yes, a developer most likely tested it in the update, and checked that it is compatible, then marks that. That's how would do it.

    So that would mean you have to tell downloaders of your scenery that they also must have those dependencies too. Then they'll need to go and download them if they haven't already. Is there any way (without breaching the original copyright of course) of including them in your file so the downloader doesnt have to worry about dependencies? Theyll automatically be installed if they aren't there already?


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    Windsor, NSW, Autralia.

    Libraries are meant to be centralized assets for the purposes of reusing the same objects in multiple sceneries, so they have to be separately added, otherwise it defies the purposes of being a central set of assets.

    This is a common acceptable thing to do, so you can simply indicate the required libraries on your scenery download packages (and on you can indicate that they are requirements for the scenery), so that people can access it. This way it also helps the creators of the libraries themselves get more exposure as you have to access their pages to download the librairies.

    When adding new models, you can simply copy them in, close the project, build and open it again without having to exit MSFS.

    For flight testing at the end when I've completed most of the work, I'll do that whole thing you described, and then fly around, note down any possible issues, and then go back in to dev mode to fix them. But for scenery its fairly sufficient to just use the dev camera to check everything and compare with references. At least for me.

    SU5 removed "Watched Bases" from there.

    I'm having the same issue, and I can't find any other location for the "Community" folder aside from in the AppData\Roaming\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Packages\Community

    That's unfortunate that they did that. I'll see if I can figure out if they moved it somewhere else.