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    That's the issue on my RJCC and RJCJ scenery (v1.0).

    There are 3 problems.

    > 1. ILSs are set to wrong direction on Little Navmap.

    Probably, that's my mistake. I'll try to fix it.

    > 2. Original settings remain.

    I'll try to fix it too, but it looks difficult.

    I excluded original settings expressly (enable "deleteAllILSs" in the SDK), but is remains. Why?

    It might be the specifications of Little Navmap, maybe.

    > 3. You can't use RJCJ fully.

    It's the specifications.

    My scenery mainly targeted people who are using an airliner and often go to RJCC. So I made RJCJ side runways "dummy" for them.

    Do you want to use RJCJ mainly? I shared files on my GitHub. You can download to edit-and-build by yourself as you wish.

    Existing two "perfect" chitose airports (RJCC and RJCJ) is impossible on MSFS.

    It's very difficult matter as you think. (Strictly speaking, RJCC tower is managed by RJCJ in the real world)

    That's why only RJCC are existing by default. It's very difficult to fully simulate RJCC and RJCJ.

    Also I know that many people wish two perfect chitose airports. My scenery is one way to solve it.