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    So for the first time sense the msfs update I made a night flight. after landing I notice the taxiways lights looking normal but the closer I get to it they turn of and look like there is no blue cover on top, the hole light pole turn yellow. and the actual light disappear. but from the distant looks back on.

    can some one tell me if you the same problem , or how to fix them.


    can some one tell me if you are able to change gallons and lbs to kg, in msfs.

    and how to do it.

    I download the new mega pack a330-300 the aircraft is good, but the instrument panel displays are blank. after engine start i have no display.

    I download, and extract the files them i dragged and drop in the community folder, and all displays are blank.

    what i did wrong.

    I have the free A330-300 addon for msfs , I will like to know were can I get the cockpit upgrade file 4.0, I look every way and i can not find it.

    if is possible to get pleased let me know, and if not let me know anyway.