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    I thought this might be a known problem, but I don't see it mentioned. When you create an internal link (i.e., to an existing page) from a new upload page, the URL is broken when you go to click on it after publishing. This results in your having to go and edit the link after it has been published, which is getting frustrating.

    If left unedited, the URL omits the "http://" and instead inserts a couple of dots, rendering the link broken.

    I'm using Edge browser.

    We're aware of the slow download speeds. Please stand by while we investigate and try to solve the issues.

    We figured. Someone always has to post about it because of the ingrained Am I the only one? mentality.

    These are the current add-ons in question (ignore the livery megapacks; I do have those, just have not yet updated). Please note: all of my add-ons are now in my Community folder (as shortcuts created by Add-Ons Linker).

    I just thought: it could either be because I have several offspring folders in my Community folder, or that they aren't all showing in Community all the time because I use the Add-Ons Linker program.

    Good to know about that function. I definitely don't have anymore the add-ons it keeps showing, and whenever I click on it to make sure I'm no longer following it, it always toggles to follow (which is the intended function; I'm just saying I'm definitely not following the file either).

    Several of my previous add-ons keep appearing in the "update needed" tab even though I neither follow that add-on nor have it downloaded. Starting the download and cancelling it sometimes remedies it, but I don't want to keep having to do that. Is it a known issue?