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    Hi Albert,

    yes thats what I do, or I make a discription in the Addon-Linker.

    It is only when I download more then one file here, to find which

    one is it and in which folder it has to go (I had for every country a extra folder).

    But you get right, It feels like to get neighbors dog out of my garden :D


    first of all I wonna thank all the creators of such fantastic files they made an given away for free-thats with my highest respect.

    But one thing I didn´t understand, and maybe it´s my fault to make something wrong, but:

    Why isn´t it possible to give your files a understandable name ??

    I give you an example:

    This file:…ane-international-airport

    is named:

    No discription anywhere-or I didn´t found

    Where in the world is the conclusion ?

    When I download this file I always must take a look on this side what it was, or when ii´s in my comunityfolder, its lost forever.

    At problems its hard to find the right files.

    There are hundrets of files like this and some of them have not any discription, so the addonllinker ditn´t help also.

    So please give your file a name, so that we can find them.

    Thank you. :thumbup: