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    Indeed a often seen problem. Maybe check these topics for a solution, there are some:

    For your Community folder issue - maybe you can take the contents and drag and drop them to an external hard drive, USB stick, SSD/HDD. That should be working. Also make sure you're running with administrator privileges.

    Well, according to our system you have downloaded all the files listed there. So far I'm not aware of anybody else having this problem, and for me it's showing the correct items too - therefore I highly doubt a malfunction on our side.

    Your Community folder is completely independent from the website. The site just shows which files you downloaded by clicking on the "Download" button - no matter when or even if you really installed or used it. Maybe you're sharing your computer with someone that might have downloaded those files?

    So, I recommend that you remove the unnecessary files just as KaptenPanna suggested above.

    I suggest going in to the "My Downloads" section and remove all the addons, both in the "Update needed" and the "Up-to-date", that you are not using. That's the way I do it. Don't really use the mod manager, in my opinion its simpler with the "My Downloads" so you can check what addons you need to update.

    It will completely deleted it from your Downloaded list and it should be fine again.

    I have the check mark in the forum login but it does not stay connected and I have to reinstall the log-in when I open the page. Is it just me? (a famous question from the last 25-ish years of flight simming). Cheers and be safe! PS, the main page stays connected.:/

    Depends. I think you haven't visited the forum for more than 12 hours, and then it might log you out. That's still not how it should behave, but

    can you verify that you get logged out after 12 hours? Or is it even before that?

    Helps to investigate.

    I hope they come up with a solution for the load times. I asked a YouTuber who gets dozens of payware for free in return for advertising it. He says it doesn't affect his load times. If that's true, it should be possible for mods too.

    I don't know about this, payware scenery is basically just installed as any freeware would be installed too. I have currently ~ 15 Mods in my Community folder, and for me there is no significant change in loading time as well. I guess it also depends on your system.

    However, the author is claiming that one single addon led to an additional 8 minutes loading time. In that case it might be useful to get the link to the respective file, so we can check. sergio401


    • Added the Featured tab for sceneries and liveries, featuring most trending items in these categories.
    • Redesigned the structure of the files page, the download button is now shown right to the image gallery.


    • Launched a new profile design. It is more structured and clear and contains further information of your activity. For example, you can now also see who you are following and others can see which files you liked. Because of the design change we had to revise the profile descriptions as they no longer allow HTML content. Please adjust this if necessary!
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    Several of my previous add-ons keep appearing in the "update needed" tab even though I neither follow that add-on nor have it downloaded. Starting the download and cancelling it sometimes remedies it, but I don't want to keep having to do that. Is it a known issue?

    So far I tracked no issue there, it should be working just fine. Maybe you downloaded them a long time ago and simply don't remember.

    An other possibility would be that you opened the mod-manager without being logged in to your account - which was possible until now. I now disabled the access, so you have be logged in.

    Let me know if the issue still persists and if so, attach a screenshot please.

    By the way, you can remove files from your Already Downloaded list by its menu on the items page.

    Great idea. Creators can already attach more than one file to their item; but yes, you can't simply copy and upload the file of another author.

    Will add it to our todo-list.:thumbup:

    Oh yes... although the opening days of MSFS were associated with many difficulties for me (regarding downloads, installation, performance) it's still nice to hear that - I guess - it was worth it after all. The scenery just looks as realistic as it gets for a game.

    But there is still much to fix and improve before they can come up with helicopters... :P

    Regarding the git system: As R1NS3 already mentioned that would be too hard to implement right now, since we're currently still focusing on other aspects of the platform. But I'd love to continue this discussion again at a later date.

    I'd say to make it 'attractive' we'd need the Git button, an open source tag and a 'backstage' page for the project where things can be discussed.

    That should be possible :)

    We will implement the Git button and open source tag very soon. For the 'backstage page' part, well - why don't use our forums for example?

    Hi there, thanks for your kind words. Appreciate it!

    Indeed, I often stumble upon several anonymous users, and I don't like it too... Gravatar could be a solution, but maybe there are also other ways to encourage users to upload an avatar. I've put it on our todo-list and we'll investigate.

    I can imagine that having too many addons increases the loading time. It's recommended to only have those add-ons in your Community folder that you actually need for your current game session. Simply drag-and-drop the others to another directory on your drive, so they won't be loaded. And if you need them, drag and drop them back.

    Indeed, something similar to this is already planned. A new feature would allow users to vote whether a shared mod is working, not fully functional or broken, so we could assing a warning o it.

    But out of curiosity, have you found any mod that „is not compatible with the latest sim version“? I‘ve not seen issues with that so far.

    You‘re welcome! 8o I hope we‘ll see even more Mods and customizations soon. So many creators are doing a fantastic job, voluntary.