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    - The Discover site has been improved, it should now also list your file when the ICAO is in the files description, so there is no need to have it in the title anymore.

    - Same goes for the GPS coordinates, kindly add them to your files description. We will take this into account when we add your scenery. If not, you can create a ticket and request it.

    The timezone list is provided by a third-party, we have no control over this. But I feel like this is not a major problem, the city names are only a reference anyway, it's more about the selected time zone, which you can still select.

    There should be soon an API, allowing external services to connect with your account, so they can check your downloads and make such export lists for you. However, I can't say when exactly. I feel like using a third party application is better in your use-case. All information users need to know about their downloads are already displayed on the site, this "extra" of exporting them is a nice-to-have, but no longer as part of our in-house service.

    Second Wish:
    Unfortunately, packaging up is not supported and not planned.

    There's a section "Work in Progress" on this forums for now.

    However, maybe some day there will be on the website too, but I guess until then you may want to use that section rather.

    This is a nice-to-have feature indeed, but it is associated with great effort. I wonder if the associated benefit of this justifies the effort. Currently it is not a priority, but we will keep it in mind for the future possibly. Thanks for the idea! :)

    Thanks for your feedback. We highly appreciate your kind words Be sure that we will do everything in our power to keep improving the site! :)

    Also, thanks a lot to this amazing community and creators providing us these mods.

    (how do I upload pictures from my PC?)

    Below your post click on Attachments and upload your image. Or just copy an image to your clipboard and hit CTRL + V to paste here.


    I wanted to show where the name appeared - it was to the right of Current Version. There was also an (unpopulated) Actions column there as well, and it has disappeared as well. There was also an (unpopulated) Actions column there as well, and it has disappeared as well.

    Not much has changed. The Actions column has been moved forward so that it is now the first column in the table instead of the last column as before. The current file name is still displayed for the "Up-to-date" tab of your My Downloads. We only removed it from the "Update needed" tab, because we can just display the current filename information, and once the author launches a new version, we don't know the filename of the last version anymore. Which is anyway less important than the filename of the current version.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no option to switch back. We adjusted the layout to meet industry standards and easier maintainability of the website.

    One option I could think of would be to install a browser extension to inject custom CSS code and set the container width back to 100%. But this is not officially supported.

    No one knows yet. There will be payware add-ons for sure, and if Asobo manages to include freeware in their in-game marketplace too, as they at least promised for some days, that could be possible that you will be able to install freeware from the official FS marketplace on your Xbox too. However, yet it is not possible; but launch is still a long time away.

    Besides of that, don't worry, even without mods it will look ultra realistic, I'm pretty sure.

    Please upload your files in the "Upload your file(s)" Drag and Drop box. You have to wait until the upload finishes up to 100%, and then the Submit button becomes active.

    Please use this letter template to file a complaint to


    Abuse Type: Illegal Content

    Paste the message contents above (replaced with your links) in the message box of Scaleway and send the abuse.

    In case Allflightmods replies that you don't own the rights because its the livery of a airline company and only the company owns the rights, reply with another report message, indicating your previous report ID number, links and statements by them tell them you got a creative commons license for no commercial use, which does give you the right to use that trademark as your creation - also state that files contained within your files are solely created by you, and they are not allowed to share it in any way. Threat that if the file is not deleted immediately, you will file a complaint to Google, a complaint to your national copyright officer for law enforcement and all future correspondence goes through your attorney.

    In case reporting to Scaleway might not be of success, you can also decide to hire a lawyer on this case. It may also be an option to send a direct mail to the Scaleway company headquarters, you'll find their address in Scaleways website. Last but not least, you may also seek the removal of your files at by Google, so they won't show up in Google search results anymore. To do so, please file a DMCA complaint…ubleshooter/1114905?hl=en to Google, and mention your works in detail, and exactly describe what and how they copied it. However, it may take up to one month until Google replies.

    Besides that, please always make sure to include a ReadMe.txt in your files, clearly stating your copyrights and that you uploaded your mod exclusively on Also always use watermarks for your images before uploading them, somehow stating your username and - which will make ripping contents a lot harder for content rippers. In addition, you may also enable the Only members can download option when uploading a file, so we can better track and ban content rippers.

    I'm so sorry - but unfortunately, the internet is full of such fools and theres nothing you can do about it. Good Luck, and keep us updated!

    Actually the author of a file can add GPS coordinates to his item. When you click on these GPS coordinates, a new tab opens with Google Maps, showing the location. An implementation of google maps in the site itself is currently not planned.