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    Hi there,

    thanks for your suggestion. That sounds pretty possible from a technical point of view, as you mentioned, they are just coordinates and we could draw lines on the map. However, its a question of how exactly we should or could implement it.

    For now I passed your suggestion to the scenery map team, we'll see.

    Can you send me the link to that comment? Actually, the change was not implemented on requests yet, but only for files. I wonder.

    I made some changes, maybe its better now.

    Thanks for your patience everyone. I know, we all hate waiting. We had some struggles during this weekend, and I hope that we were able to fix these issues now, so that everything should LIKELY be back to somewhat normal. That's what happens when thousand of users simultaneously try to download huge files, but yeah - the good news is that we will be better prepared in future and that the speeds will likely not drop rapidly into low KB/s ranges again, as we scaled up.

    But as always, we recommend to download huge files outside of peak hours, if somehow possible.

    Hi there. No, we have no intended limits, except the limits that our server and your internet connection technically allow. However, we're aware that during peak traffic times, especially in the weekend evenings, the download speed tends to drop. I ask for your patience and possibly to pause the download temporarily. However, we have already increased our resources and assume that there will be less or no more bottlenecks from tomorrow.


    Hi there,

    thanks for your suggestion. Actually there is already the option to report requests, when you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find "Report". There you can provide one of your listed reasons above and our team will check it, delete duplicate requests etc.

    You're right, your solution is probably better and more user-friendly. We'll see if we can implement it some day!

    Hi there.

    I understand your concerns, as this clause indeed sounds very harsh and might not seem really transparent. On the other side, such clauses are actually common and industry standard. If you compare us to other providers, you will find very similar, if not even the same, terms and limitations. However, we will take your feedback as an opportunity to revise the terms of use, to write more understandable and especially to give examples, to make things easier to understand.

    Since you asked why we need rights to "modify" user content: This is especially necessary when posted content such as titles, descriptions, images or comments violate our rules and we then need to edit them in order to remove the violation. As another example: We need the rights to change files, for example to save them more compressed on our servers or to adjust uploaded images in quality and size to save disk space and bandwidth. Another example: We need the right to modify user content, since we put a small watermark on the bottom right of uploaded images or wallpapers, to better protect creators. One last - very rare and maximum - example when we used this right: When Asobo released an update some time ago, all previously shared liveries became unusable because a minimal change was made to the file structure of liveries, affecting more than 500 uploads on this site. For authors who did not make this change themselves within 2 months after the update and have not logged in to their account since, but whose files were still publicy available, we made this change to the file structure ourselves so that everybody could use their livery with the up-to-date sim version again. However, this has only affected very few.

    You are right that we need to narrow down when exactly we can use which right. This will be done with a revised version of these terms soon. Until then, these terms are binding and you are free to use the website or not. By the way, please note that you can revoke any rights at any time by deleting your file or even deleting your account.

    Rest assured that this is no big company trying to exploit you, we're passionate flight simulator fans just as our community.

    If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] - since this is the more convenient and official way to handle legal inquiries.

    - The Discover site has been improved, it should now also list your file when the ICAO is in the files description, so there is no need to have it in the title anymore.

    - Same goes for the GPS coordinates, kindly add them to your files description. We will take this into account when we add your scenery. If not, you can create a ticket and request it.

    The timezone list is provided by a third-party, we have no control over this. But I feel like this is not a major problem, the city names are only a reference anyway, it's more about the selected time zone, which you can still select.

    There should be soon an API, allowing external services to connect with your account, so they can check your downloads and make such export lists for you. However, I can't say when exactly. I feel like using a third party application is better in your use-case. All information users need to know about their downloads are already displayed on the site, this "extra" of exporting them is a nice-to-have, but no longer as part of our in-house service.

    Second Wish:
    Unfortunately, packaging up is not supported and not planned.

    There's a section "Work in Progress" on this forums for now.

    However, maybe some day there will be on the website too, but I guess until then you may want to use that section rather.

    This is a nice-to-have feature indeed, but it is associated with great effort. I wonder if the associated benefit of this justifies the effort. Currently it is not a priority, but we will keep it in mind for the future possibly. Thanks for the idea! :)