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    Mass or bulk uploads have significant disadvantages and have a negative impact on the user flow on the site. We only display a limited number of add-ons directly on the homepage, and these should be used conscientiously and evenly among all creators as part of a fair use. It contradicts usability if a single user takes up practically the entire start page and category's listing in just a few minutes. So, mainly for the sake of clarity, we are obliged to limit the number of uploads per hour. But there are also security-related and performance-based reasons for this, obviously. 3 per hour should be feasible. However, we will consider raising the limit to 5. Thank you for your understanding.

    🍺 Quite a few Changes and Updates

    What a busy week for all of us! Luckily, the weekend near. Here are some news about what has changed on in the last few days. Quite something.

    • File Dependencies and FAQ
    • File Discussions
    • Block Users
    • Progress on Requests
    • In Progress Page
    • Text Editor Adjustments
    • New Categories
    • New Help Desk and Live Support
    • A32NX launched on
    • Refreshed Site Design
    • New About us Page
    • Coming soon: Activity Feed
    • Coming soon: Report Broken Mods
    • Coming soon: Best Rated Mods

    ➡ File Dependencies and FAQ

    We have somewhat refreshed the design of the file pages. Creators can now also add Frequently Asked Questions for their add-ons and point users to necessary or recommended dependencies, for example. That way you can easily attach used Libraries within your file.

    ➡ Discussions

    We are bringing back Discussions. Each file has now its own discussion board where you can discuss topics or create threads on specific issues to relieve the clusters in comments.

    ➡ Block Users

    Some users asked for it. You can now put other users on a block list in your user settings. These users can no longer comment on your files, rate them and can not contact you via DM. But they can still see and download your files. They could anyway if they log off.

    ➡ Progress on Requests

    If you have accepted to create a request, you can now update it with your current progress so that the requestor and sponsors know how far you are. We have also created a new "In Progress" page that shows requests that are about to be completed in near future.

    ➡ Text Editor Adjustments

    We had to change the text editor for file descriptions slightly. Now the formats should be saved more reliably, links are set correctly and open in a new tab by default. It is possible that old styles will be lost the next time you save, as we no longer allow all previously set styles in order to keep it consistent and clean. Please only use the tools available on site.

    ➡ More Changes

    "Aircraft" is now its own top-level category and became some subcategories. We added categories for Paint Jobs, Cockpit Additions, Checklists, the lovely A32NX Cups, The Skypark and Skylounge - more news on that soon. Besides that we slightly refreshed the site design, created 3 more categories for third-party aircraft, set up a new Help Desk and Live Support. Lots of little things have been changed to improve the usability and design of the website in general. Some you won't even notice, others will surely catch your eye over time. By the way, we're happy to announce that our official partner FlyByWire decided to launch their A32NX installer on too as well, welcome!

    ➡ What's on our Roadmap next

    • Creators and users will be able to mark broken or no longer officially maintained addons
    • Creators will have access to an side-wide Activity Feed to showcase their Work in Progress
    • We will add "Best Rated" to the upper navigation of categories

    That's all for today - see ya! 🥇

    I changed it now so that you should be able to also choose your own, unlisted files. However, keep in mind, other people will see the link that way. Other creators won't be able to add your library to their dependencies as long as you have it unlisted, but they can still use and download it. They also could simply copy and paste the link to your file in their file's description.

    So if I understood correctly, you're trying to modify your uploaded file's description. When the text box is larger than the visible page, and you hit backspace to delete one line, it automatically returns all the way up to the top of the page. Correct?

    If so, I can't verify that from my side. I can't reproduce this, also not in Edge, for me it works as intended. Could you please make a video / GIF recording of that behavior and attach it here or upload somewhere? You're to only one having this issue so far (to my knowledge).

    1. File upload visibility. The progress bar of the file upload is so faint it is barely visible. Took me ages to work out why my files weren't uploading. I just didn't realise they were still uploading.

    I made some changes that should highlight the file uploader additionally now. In addition, a small information about this is now displayed under the Submit button.

    2. Modifying files. When modifying files you have to make changes and individually save tab content as a separate step for each tab. This is different to the method used to create the upload initially where all data is committed with one button. This can lead to problems if you get interupted or if people are viewing the web page as you update it, as the description might say there is a new file but, the file isn't there. Also if you update the description to reflect a new file, then go and upload the file tab to upload the file, then description changes are lost when you return to the description tab. It would be nice if there was a "save changes" button that updated all the values you had changed in the various tabs. Note - The screenshots tab is one exception, as you don't need to use the save button on that tab if deleting pictures.

    Unfortunately, the usability here actually takes some getting used to, but technically there are a few reasons for that, and to change that you would have to redesign the site and the system behind it from the ground up. I therefore refrain from doing so at the moment, but we will try to take this into account as much as possible in future updates. It's always recommended to first: upload the new file, then change the description if necessary, and then announce your new version. It is extremely unlikely that in those few seconds someone will just visit your page and also wonder what's happening.

    3. Text formating changes are lost. When creating a new upload I often have to go into it again after I have saved it and reformat the text. Looked OK when I hit save the first time, but when I view it again, some of the formatting has changed. I now just cut and paste from a previous upload to avoid this issue, but this runs the risk I might miss updating some fo the text to reflect the new upload.

    I have modified the editor a bit, so this should not happen anymore. If it does, please let me know. By the way, I don't recommend copying text into the editor from outside, but only using the formatting tools provided in the editor.

    4. It would be nice if you can select more than one aircraft type for an upload. When doing a multi aircraft upload for a particular colour theme or airline pack then you con only pick one aircraft. This means that anyone doing a search for a particular aircraft repaint won't find it unless it just happens to be the one you selected. It would be great if the aircraft selection operated more like the tags section, where you can select multiples.

    I guess that's very rarely the case that someone would use that, and also because of usability and clarity we'd like to have one file assigned to only one category. Most of the time, users are looking for liveries for a specific aircraft only and are not interested in downloading stuff they don't need or use anyway. This is also better in terms of traffic and data economy. But revising the tagging system is already on our todo list, so maybe we can find a solution for that this way.

    Thanks for your great feedback!

    Thanks for your suggestion. That kind of software is very popular with the community, as we often get this suggestion. At the moment, however, we want to concentrate fully on the website, as it is still in need of improvement. A program is certainly an advantage for convenience, but we must first finalize the website before starting the next big project.

    If there's hurry, in some time we may offer an API that allows third-party developers to provide such software themselves, by connecting to via the API. But for the time being at least, I cannot give any precise details.

    That's just the file name, and it was always like that. The file name has no relation to the file contents. The creators decide on the file content. I haven't seen a file that needs to be extracted twice. In most cases its just a ZIP and inside that ZIP is the folder, which you need to drag and drop into your Community folder.

    Thanks. I also get the return to the top of the project description page thing when hitting enter as well. It makes the longer entries a bit of a grind.

    Where does this happen? On the Modify Upload page when typing in a description? I tested it and can't find a similiar behaviour. Which browser are you using?