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    Thanks for your kind words. I added some basic categories you can use to filter these entries you see. However, I'm aware that this is not a final solution that fits everyone's needs, but it does the most basic thing and allows you to only display the parent categories you want to see (e.g. Liveries, Scenery). We will put the other part of the suggestions on the todo list for a later date.

    19 Translations launched

    We are very pleased to announce that we can now provide in 19 languages. To choose your language, click the language chooser dropdown on the top of the page. As we have just launched the translations and most of them have been translated with artificial intelligence, please feel free to help us! 👉 Click here to suggest improvements and we will look into it and improve the language together. Please note that not everything is translated yet and you can only improve the already translated texts. Thank you for your help!

    Commenting Improvements

    Creators can now pin any comment on their files to highlight it. Furthermore, it is now possible to search through comments if a file has more than 25 comments. Just click on the small search icon next to the comment count and enter a search phrase. Finally, you can use emojis 😄 😍 💗 in comments and messages from now on! An emoji picker is now available for this purpose.

    First file reaches 100K+ Downloads

    Also, we are more than happy to announce that Airbus H135 Helicopter Project by Hype Performance Group is the first add-on to hit 100.000 downloads on Our congratulaions for this success! 🥳

    With the new files design just launched today, you can now upload up to 24 instead of 18 images to your file.

    The file author can now pin one comment to the top of the comments section. Furthermore, you can now search for terms in comments, if the file has more than 25 comments in total. Click the search icon next to the comment count to search through comments. BETA release tho.

    We do not want users to leave reviews without even testing the product, let alone downloading it. Reviews should only be given after a user made his experience with the product. There have been a myriad of cases where the product actually has had more reviews than downloads, which cannot be. The fact that we put in a waiting period for this reason is industry standard and is handled in exactly the same way by our colleagues at NexusMods, for example, so it's nothing unusual or something that just we do. This is in the interest of the creator and all users. While it is certainly not a guarantee that people will try it before rating, it's a small countermeasure against review spam.

    After downloading, you should wait 15 minutes and then reload the page. Then there should be no problem after that.

    Important: Liveries and the new A32NX Update

    Starting today, FlyByWire will begin packaging and distributing the A32NX as a separate aircraft from the default Asobo A320neo. This only affects the development and experimental branches of the A32NX - not the stable branch yet. However, with this update, liveries made for the default A320neo will no longer function in the new FlyByWire package. Liveries will need to be converted by their respective authors. There will be a simple livery conversion tool released by FlyByWire within a week from now, but until then, we recommend that you do not update your A32NX to the new development or experimental version if you want to keep using all liveries here on! has created a new FBW A32NX category. We ask all creators to upload their A32NX compatible files to this category. At the latest, when the stable version of the A32NX is also updated, only these liveries will work. The other A320neo liveries will of course continue to work on the default Microsoft A320neo.

    1.5 Million Unique Users started back in August 2020. Since then, this project has continued to grow. We are more than pleased to announce that until now 1.5 million unique users all around the world have visited us. A horrendous number! Thank you for your support!

    Image Upload in Direct Messaging

    From now on you can also send images via your mailbox on Just click on the small camera icon to the left of the send button to add screenshots or images to your message.

    Email Notification of Missed Messages

    Starting today, we will finally notify you by email if you have an unread message in your inbox at This only applies to messages that have been unread for more than 24 hours. So you won't miss anything anymore! You can unsubscribe from such email notifications at anytime in your User settings.

    User Gallery - Add your own images

    With "User Gallery" we are now introducing the possibility to upload your own screenshots and images to mods and add-ons. Until now, only authors themselves could upload images of their add-on. But now, you can attach your screenshots to a file too! Just click on "User Gallery" at the respective item page and upload your screenshot to showcase the mod or the fun you're having while using it.

    Starting today, we will finally notify you by email if you have an unread message in your inbox at This only applies to messages that have been unread for more than 24 hours. So you won't miss anything anymore! You can unsubscribe from such email notifications at anytime in your User settings.

    Sorry to hear that, and you are right, it was not clever by us to implement this button without a double-warning. :whistling: However, this has been changed. Clicking the button now opens up a warning popup and asks the user to confirm again.

    While we are unfortunately not able to recover your history, you don't have to download everything again. You should be able to select "Add to Already Downloaded" on a files Action dropdown to quickly add it back to your list again, without actually re-downloading all the files. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We provide you with two links, one is the link that you mentioned ( and the other is the one. While is the main link and it is also highlighted in the popup, the second link is for dedicated sharing purposes, as told per the popup as well. You're right, since this page is hosted on a different domain, users are not logged in when they open up is for dedicated share purposes, so it is a page that shows only your livery images, description and download button, without everything else. You could embed this on a website for example or send it to people who want just to download the livery straight-ahead, without browsing through comments and other stuff.

    Sorry for the late reply, I guess it is because you initially categorized this as a Question and not as Feedback, so we accidentally overlooked or forgot to answer. I like the idea and it is certainly a very useful feature for many users. We have added this to our to-do list and have it on our roadmap. But at this time, I can't tell to which extent and whether or when we will be able to implement it. It needs some investigation first and it is not top-priority by now, but on the list.

    By the way, on the Recent Uploads page, there is already a possibility to kind of filter the entries you browse. The dropdown allows you to select a category from which you want to see the new entries. Might be a little workaround in the meantime.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Hi there. We're running servers in US and EU. Probably you were affected by a temporary network overload on Sunday. This can happen from time to time, especially on weekends, when there is a lot of simultaneous traffic. But as you can check on our status page - - we had an uptime of 99.955% in the past 3 months, which is quite fair. Please keep in mind this is still a hobby project and we don't do it full-time. Of course, we try to ensure a good experience as much as possible.

    If the problem persists, please contact us via email or ticket and we will investigate further. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, I heard from a lot of people that they are not really satisfied with the plane. Hopefully more users become aware of this issue and the author will be able to push some fixes and improves. Best of luck with your refund!

    Yes, if you can not find it anymore, it means it has been removed either by the author himself or by the website. If the author decided to delete his file, there is nothing we can do about it. In this specific case, the file was rejected from our - the website staff - side, as it turned out that it was illegaly shared payware and thus pirated content, which we and copyright laws don't allow.

    If we import KML files, we'll have some problems updating them - unless you're talking about a finished product with no future updates. If that's the case, it's a good idea, but I don't know how we'd be able to update efficiently if you add new airports to the collection. Besides that, I don't think the scenery map is desgined for this mass of airports. Perhaps we should only include the hand-made, dedicated sceneries instead of just minor lightning fixes to avoid flooding. It would certainly be anything but appropriate to include every single airport in the map.

    I fixed the issues mentioned here. As stated above, we'll be working on mobile layout fixing constantly, which may take some time, as the website itself on desktop is still under development as well. However, feel free to report more critical bugs which completely disturb user experience by creating a ticket and we'll prioritize them. Thanks for the hints again :saint: