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    Well, it's been fun guys, but, now that you've blocked the ability to download if users are using an ad blocker is pretty much going to drive me away.

    Can you explain this more detailed? As far as I know, we do not have any feature in place that makes downloading items dependent on the use or non-use of ad-blockers. So I'm bit confused here what you're seeing or referring too.

    Here, when I turn the ad blocker off, I get stuffed with popups and ads that overtake the page and it makes it not fun anymore.

    There is not a single popup ad on our site, as I hate popups as well. You probably mean the interstitial ad. However, this only appears once an hour - if it appears at all - and can be clicked away directly without any time delay.

    Let me know when you decide to place your ads in less intrusive ways, find a way to make them at least interesting to me, and less spammy. You've now reached the status of a total spam page with your presentation of ads.

    In comparison to our industry competitors - for example Nexus Mods - we have far less advertising on the website. Even though we don't sell premium memberships, don't throttle downloads, don't limit download frequency and don't have any other income that doesn't come from advertising. I'm sorry your user experience has turned for the worse. But as I said, this is a completely free service - we can't keep it completely ad-free and we have to compromise somewhere. However, I resolutely reject your argument that we have achieved the "status of a total spam page". displays far fewer advertisements than other websites in comparison and user experience is always our #1 goal.

    Maybe you can make some screenshots of the ads that disturb you, so I can better understand where you're coming from.

    Thanks for the feedback. We're currently testing what works well and what doesn't. Based on your feedback the floating player unit has been deactivated for the (upper) main area of the page so that it only appears when you continue to scroll. Please understand that we need to test different things to see how they affect user experience in relation to potentially higher revenue. Because without income we would not be able to continue this site - as ads are our only source of income. Rest assured that user experience is still our first goal to achieve, but if you offer a completely free service, you have to be able to make compromises. We are currently in testing phase.

    You can set your ETA to any date within the next 60 days. We increased this from previously 30 days to 60 days.

    You can postpone your ETA as often as you like within this period - but not more than 60 days back.

    If the ETA elapses by more than 10 days without the request being marked as completed or postponed, the 200 karma penalty applies.

    We will soon improve the requests page in general and also make this more clear.

    Actually, if you think you need more time at the end of the initially given period, you can postpone the ETA for up to another 30 days anytime. But we will make an effort to possibly increase the initial period to 45 days, thanks for your feedback.

    Thanks for your kind words. I added some basic categories you can use to filter these entries you see. However, I'm aware that this is not a final solution that fits everyone's needs, but it does the most basic thing and allows you to only display the parent categories you want to see (e.g. Liveries, Scenery). We will put the other part of the suggestions on the todo list for a later date.

    19 Translations launched

    We are very pleased to announce that we can now provide in 19 languages. To choose your language, click the language chooser dropdown on the top of the page. As we have just launched the translations and most of them have been translated with artificial intelligence, please feel free to help us! 👉 Click here to suggest improvements and we will look into it and improve the language together. Please note that not everything is translated yet and you can only improve the already translated texts. Thank you for your help!

    Commenting Improvements

    Creators can now pin any comment on their files to highlight it. Furthermore, it is now possible to search through comments if a file has more than 25 comments. Just click on the small search icon next to the comment count and enter a search phrase. Finally, you can use emojis 😄 😍 💗 in comments and messages from now on! An emoji picker is now available for this purpose.

    First file reaches 100K+ Downloads

    Also, we are more than happy to announce that Airbus H135 Helicopter Project by Hype Performance Group is the first add-on to hit 100.000 downloads on Our congratulaions for this success! 🥳

    With the new files design just launched today, you can now upload up to 24 instead of 18 images to your file.

    The file author can now pin one comment to the top of the comments section. Furthermore, you can now search for terms in comments, if the file has more than 25 comments in total. Click the search icon next to the comment count to search through comments. BETA release tho.

    We do not want users to leave reviews without even testing the product, let alone downloading it. Reviews should only be given after a user made his experience with the product. There have been a myriad of cases where the product actually has had more reviews than downloads, which cannot be. The fact that we put in a waiting period for this reason is industry standard and is handled in exactly the same way by our colleagues at NexusMods, for example, so it's nothing unusual or something that just we do. This is in the interest of the creator and all users. While it is certainly not a guarantee that people will try it before rating, it's a small countermeasure against review spam.

    After downloading, you should wait 15 minutes and then reload the page. Then there should be no problem after that.