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    Requests are an essential part of our site. Since was founded, more than 10 thousand requests for liveries and scenery have been created, of which almost 4 thousand have already been processed by creators. We have taken this as an opportunity to make some changes.

    - Requests Lifetime
    There are very, very many old requests from last year, whose requestor is most likely not even active anymore or has already forgotten about his or her request. And in order to keep the sheer volume of requests in check and to maintain an overview, we have decided to limit requests to a period of 6 months or 180 daysWhat does that mean? Once a request has been created, it remains online for six months. During this time, creators can accept to complete the request. If the request has not been accepted within this 6 months, the request will be deleted. However, if the requestor is still interested, he can create a new request as a follow-up. Thereby we hope to bring some overview into the jungle. But there is one exception to this: Requests that are followed by more than 10 other people by ticking "I want this too" will remain online even after 6 months.

    - Requests for Aircraft Registrations
    In addition, we no longer allow requests for individual aircraft registrations
    , if the base livery has already been created. Of course, special paintings may still be requested. But as an example: If someone has created a Lufthansa livery for the A32NX with the registration D-AIPA, we do not allow a new request for the same livery, only with the registration D-AIPB. We will consider this as a duplicate from now on. Makes sense, doesn't it?

    - Misc
    The window in which the requests are opened is now larger than before. We implemented minor design adjustments and unification. Additionally, you can now mark requests as already created, accept and report requests on-the-fly, which means that the page will not reload after these actions. Previously, reloading the page meant that the previous searches and the current position in the list were lost when one of the actions was performed. That was pretty annoying and it took a lot of time to get back to the right page or previous position in the list. That has now been improved.

    - Option to step back without penalty
    Creators can now back out of a request without penalty if someone else has already completed the request before them. In some cases, a creator has accepted a request, but someone else created it faster or the request even had already been completed. The only way to step back in these cases was coupled with a karma penalty of 200 karma. We now allow undoing their offer without the penalty if the request was already created by someone else.

    - Fixed a Reporting bug
    Apparently there was an error last week which resulted in requests marked as completed and requests reports not being saved in the system, although a successful message was issued to the user. We apologize for this, it is now fixed.


    :!: New updates and news will be posted on in the future.

    Modification of the Wishes and Requests section

    Good idea, we will implement this.

    Possible new developer resource

    Something like this is already on our todo-list. We have added this sort of "hub" a long time ago to our plans, but unfortunately, our resources are currently limited that we have not yet found time to tackle this project. Since we have other projects in the pipeline, an early implementation is also not (yet) feasible, but probably next year. Good idea!

    I'm not sure which overlay he's talking about either.

    I think it is advertising a discount on some payware scenery.

    Anyway, if it's that one, that appears, as you said, only once per new promotion and can be closed with just one click. I guess that's tolerable.


    • lives from its creators and their creations. We have created a completely new design for the file page and now focus more on add-ons, their descriptions and screenshots. The updated file page is now more in line with the general appearance of
    • We have added roadmaps, group messaging, polls and backlogs for creators. This way we want to encourage communication between creators and users. Creators can reach their followers via the group messaging feature, share progress of their work, start polls or post news that followers can react to. This feature is currently in testing stage and we will need to improve it further.
    • We will now send email notifications if a file you follow has received an important update. This way you will know immediately when a new update is available. The only requirement is that your email is verified, that you follow the file you want to receive notifications for, and that you are opted in for newsletters, which is the default setting.
    • We now provide a RSS feed for the latest uploaded and updated files.
    • We now save images in JPG format by default. Originally, the uploaded images, wallpapers and screenshots were not converted, which led to considerable sizes and correspondingly longer download times. Thanks to the new conversion, the file sizes are now smaller, load faster and lose nearly no visual quality at all. In the course of the next few days, the existing images will also be converted, which should result in a faster website in general.
    • We have improved minor bugs, display errors and translation errors here and there.
    • Our scenery map has already reached over 13 thousand sceneries all over the world. That's incredible, and it's getting more every day!
    • Creators can now make use of a so-called "Delayed Releasing" feature to schedule when their uploaded file should be launched. We will then automatically launch the file at the given time, even while you're asleep! This feature is available for users with more than three uploads and we support this type of releasing only in the scenery and livery categories.
    • Creators can now thank commenters on feedback with a simple click on the new "Thank you" button. This eliminates the need for comments such as "Thank you for your feedback", as in the future one click will suffice for this. We will notify the comment author when a creator has thanked the user's comment.
    • Other users can now also react to comments with a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".
    • There are some new categories, including for example a category for Stream Deck files.
    • We now provide creators with even more information about who is downloading their add-ons. Previously, the statistics were limited to the last 14 days. We have now extended this period to just over a month. In addition, we now show 30 countries from which the most downloads originate instead of 10, and we now break down downloads even further by city, region and time zone.
    • The "Modify File" page now saves which tab you were on last, so you don't have to keep switching back after a change has been saved. This saves exactly one click, one second and a lot of nerves!
    • The "My Downloads" page has been fundamentally reworked - here, too, "browsing" now works much better.

    Future Roadmap

    • Premium Membership: You can read more about it right below.
    • Payware: Preparations are in full swing.
    • API: We want third parties to be able to connect to to create cool apps.
    • Re-designs: Some page designs and implementations are a thorn in our side. We will therefore adapt and improve them: for example the Requests page.

    Compatibility status

    When new versions, patches or updates are released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it can happen that add-ons, such as sceneries or liveries, no longer work properly. More information here.

    Appreciate your feedback. We already reversed this change a week ago. We have taken your feedback to heart and will be offering an optional premium membership in the next few days or weeks. This will not have any disadvantages for normal users - people who actively support us with their donation can only skip the countdown. We have abolished this "force focus" completely for everyone, we actually just wanted to experiment with the potential of this change, to see what effect this would have, not only for revenue, but also for user experience and traffic load. You can find more information in this news post here:…-and-premium-memberships/.

    Well, it's been fun guys, but, now that you've blocked the ability to download if users are using an ad blocker is pretty much going to drive me away.

    Can you explain this more detailed? As far as I know, we do not have any feature in place that makes downloading items dependent on the use or non-use of ad-blockers. So I'm bit confused here what you're seeing or referring too.

    Here, when I turn the ad blocker off, I get stuffed with popups and ads that overtake the page and it makes it not fun anymore.

    There is not a single popup ad on our site, as I hate popups as well. You probably mean the interstitial ad. However, this only appears once an hour - if it appears at all - and can be clicked away directly without any time delay.

    Let me know when you decide to place your ads in less intrusive ways, find a way to make them at least interesting to me, and less spammy. You've now reached the status of a total spam page with your presentation of ads.

    In comparison to our industry competitors - for example Nexus Mods - we have far less advertising on the website. Even though we don't sell premium memberships, don't throttle downloads, don't limit download frequency and don't have any other income that doesn't come from advertising. I'm sorry your user experience has turned for the worse. But as I said, this is a completely free service - we can't keep it completely ad-free and we have to compromise somewhere. However, I resolutely reject your argument that we have achieved the "status of a total spam page". displays far fewer advertisements than other websites in comparison and user experience is always our #1 goal.

    Maybe you can make some screenshots of the ads that disturb you, so I can better understand where you're coming from.

    Thanks for the feedback. We're currently testing what works well and what doesn't. Based on your feedback the floating player unit has been deactivated for the (upper) main area of the page so that it only appears when you continue to scroll. Please understand that we need to test different things to see how they affect user experience in relation to potentially higher revenue. Because without income we would not be able to continue this site - as ads are our only source of income. Rest assured that user experience is still our first goal to achieve, but if you offer a completely free service, you have to be able to make compromises. We are currently in testing phase.

    You can set your ETA to any date within the next 60 days. We increased this from previously 30 days to 60 days.

    You can postpone your ETA as often as you like within this period - but not more than 60 days back.

    If the ETA elapses by more than 10 days without the request being marked as completed or postponed, the 200 karma penalty applies.

    We will soon improve the requests page in general and also make this more clear.