New to repainting - Request Help sharing

  • Guys,

    Like the title says, I just started repainting about 10 days ago. All is WIP as I learn my way around blender/GIMP; etc. I would, however, like to share some projects that are much closer to completion.

    Is there a guide on how to share in such a way that someone can literally download and drop it in the community folder and GO?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Not sure of your definition of "sharing". Are you looking for someone to test your paints, to see how they look before uploading?? If that's the case, what you're looking for are "Beta" testers. These are people willing to download your paint and scrutinize/critique it. Let you know what needs to be fixed/edited, and what not.

    I'd suggest you start a new thread... "Beta testers needed"... Then explain that you need them to check out your paints or what not. As well, if you have any takers, you need to have a decent way of sharing your files with anyone that comes aboard.

    My first critique... get rid of those horrible/ugly blue/green formation/slimes!!

  • Marine1,

    Thanks for the response. Noted on the slime light and agreed. I have fixed that.

    I agree also that it would be good to get some beta testers; however, my question is specifically about sharing the repaints so the downloader can simply drop the file into their community folder and not have to do any tweaks to the .cfg file.

    Once again, thank you for the help/suggestion.

  • Gotcha....

    As for sharing your files, it should be good to go as is when you upload it. Meaning, no one has to edit anything. It's just drag and drop, or copy/paste. Your upload should have all the edits needed. If you download one of my paints (or anybody else's), check out how the files are structured. As said, no one should have to edit anything, including any .cfg file. Just to be clear, all liveries are standalone files.