Redhill EGKR UK

  • HI guys,

    first a big thank you to all the contributors here, it's just like the old days of FS4 & 5 with people creating for the love of the game. It's great to see when it seems many have created companies to make money, albeit good products, from those who generally can't afford it. Big thanks to ASOBO for the base flight sim which, although flawed in places, is far beyond old timers like me could have ever imagined.

    Call out to those creating airfields... any chance of someone having a crack at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey, UK. I've been controlling there for some 30 years plus and I'm about to retire. I've been running FS since FS4 and would love to continue to operate out of a more accurate Redhill on FS2020. I've got a month to run, so if anyone is brave enough I could supply detail photos if needed.