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  • Sorry, grasshopper, the translation into English - er - loses something in the translation, and I'm unsure just what you need help with. Could you please give us some more information as to your problem.





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  • His sim is crashing to desktop after loading a flight.

    Thanks, marine 1. my bad.

    OK Roger007, how long has this been happening? Sim Update 5 from Asobo (Late July) changed the underlying SDK and in the process, rendered a LOT of add ons inoperable, and worse, caused them to crash the Sim.

    If you are new(ish) to the sim, or if you have recently added some addons, the first think you need to do is to move the contents of your Community folder to some other folder 9where you can find them again later), and then run the Sim.

    If it still crashed, then come back and let us know what happened.

    If it runs OK, then you have a problem with one or more of your addons.

    Best way to find out which is the following:

    Stop and evaluate after any crash from now on.

    1. Add back any payware addons, and check if the sim still runs.
    2. Add back all scenery-type addons, and check if the sim still runs
    3. Add back each of the airplanes and liveries and check if the sim still runs.

    The evaluation is as follows:

    If you have a crash while evaluating:

    • remove the set of addons that you were testing
    • If there are only a few in the category that you are currently testing with, add each one back individually and retest. If you find any that crash the sim, put that one / those ones aside, and do not load them again.
    • If there are many in the category that you are testing, then I would suggest batching them and testing them in blocks of, say, 7 to 10. Keep testing until you've tested all blocks, and if any blocks crashed the sim, load them singly, and test again.

    It's a painful process, but you can shorten it and may get good results, especially with any add ons that you've downloaded from this site.

    1. Go to your profile, and select "My Downloads"

    2. Select Up-to-date:

    3. Sort by Last Updated

    Notice that the date the add on was last uploaded is on the middle row, and shows the last update in days or months. This is the key to the whole issue. If the add on was last updated BEFORE July 29, then you should discard it if it is an airplane or livery, and treat it as a possible problem if it is a scenery of some type. If it was last updated AFTER July 29, you can be pretty sure that it won't crash your sim. Once you've triaged your addons, you can then follow my instructions for checking addons, but with a smaller subset.

    Good luck, and tell us how you get on.

    Oh, and this problems was caused by Microsoft/Asobo, but has been made more difficult by developers who don't/won't recompile their addons with the new SDK.

    I hope this helps.

    John G


    From Oz, Flight Simmer since FS1 - seriously since FS95

    Contributed to, and managed a site called ProjectAI for a time