max uploads/hr

  • so, a maximum of three uploads per hour. Ouch, I have 21 lined up.

    I don't really see why, but OK.

    But if I go out, get myself a take-away dinner, eat it and come back 90+ minutes later, and I still can't upload, I get slightly annoyed.

    ' Please be patient - you can continue uploading more files in a few hours.' A few hours?

    It feels so bloody patronizing, why is this? So what am I supposed to do in the mean time, paint more aircraft? Oh no, that would be stupid.

    So maybe I am a bit more productive than some, but come on, what is this?

    I still get spam on this site, 'want girls?' so if that is the reason it does not really work....

  • In all honesty, they are hosting our addons for free, on their servers (using for the most part ad revenue to keep it up and running), as well as constantly enhance the website to allow easy access to our uploads.

    As gets popular, it will require more resources, which needs to be managed. Thus, upload limits seems reasonable to control the traffic volumes they have to deal with (and approve)?

  • I think that the "premium" membership is approaching, whatever we might think of it.

    And if it does, then given enough takers, it could actually make it easier for the rest of us, as well as take the financial burden off who ever is running the


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  • Yeah, I agree that a a subscription will come eventually. My only hope is that it doesn't completely kill the speeds and support for the free members. But I do understand the costs around running a service for so many users, especially when you have to host large amounts of data like this.