How do I disable the godawful "User has commented" notices?

  • Just what the topic says. Nobody asked for other users comments, why do I suddenly see them? TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely agree 100% Completely useless and beyond annoying constantly popping up in the corner of the screen. Please get rid of this or give us a way to turn this awful thing off.

  • Yeah, seems like an unfinished feature... I could understand it if I got comment updates on files I follow, downloaded or I've uploaded myself but it seems absolutely unnecessary to have for every single update on the website! It also most be quite a drain on server bandwidth having to push these to every single user every time somebody comments on a file.

  • Yeah now to be replaced with an ad for your crappy payware? KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE WEBSITE CHANGES. It's fine the way it is.

    You do realize that ads are about the only source of revenue to actually RUN this site? Bandwidth costs money, and the amount of data transfer that happens here uses a LOT of bandwidth. Server space isn't free, either, and the site has no government subsidies, so, if you REALLY want to get rid of ads, you would be well advised to go to , register your suggestion, and be sure to tell the PTB that you favour a "Premium" membership with no advertising. OK?

    As for the webside changes - these are normal for a site that is /has growing/grown as fast as this one has. First cut of website design often isn't optimal, and changes have to be made as you learn just what it is than you need, and what your followers/clients/whoever need.


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  • As a developer, this almost literal flaming of the site devs makes me sad.

    Of course they would want to improve the site, and many 'unwanted' changes were for the better in my opinion.

    So maybe we should refrain from calling them '12 year olds' and being so aggressive about it. It's a website, and it will change constantly, as does many sites, to help improve it!

    Constructive criticism is what they want, that way they know what users would like. This thread was not that.

  • Look at the forums of WoltLab Suite (see below), and read the number of people bemoaning the lack of documentation (apart apparently) from installation and adding Packages, and you'll get some idea why changes are a little fraught, unless you have an expert doing it. As an ex-IT-Professional, I also dislike flaming of anyone behind a site I really like (this one). That's why I put my response in terms that a not-IT person should be able to understand. Education is important - for all of us!

    And when features get "corrupted" by a change, if we were a professional commercial site, it would be bad, but we aren't, we're staffed by volunteers, and when developing without really good programming documentation (and probably without a separate system test environment when you are making changes) these things that upset people become almost inevitable, and as you say, don't warrant the flaming of the site admins.

    Real world - s--t happens!


    From Oz, Flight Simmer since FS1 - seriously since FS95

    Contributed to, and managed a site called ProjectAI for a time