Using Microphone in game

  • OK, I think I am ready to try the mic.

    I hear ATC calling my call sign and asking something.

    It gives up after a while.

    How do I set up mic and talk back?

    And what happens when you do communicate?

    And is there any other speak real time in the game?

    I know nothing about multiplayer yet either.

  • You cannot natively talk to other pilots on a microphone, (there are some addons that do something like that).

    There is also Vatsim, but that's for more formal ATC radio communication simulation.

    As for the ATC talking to you in MSFS, that is the AI atc. You can send back responses or requests using the ATC menu. (Access it in the top bar, or its shortcut key, mine is Scroll Lock).

    On that window a number will be assigned to each response or request you can send to ATC, and pressing that number on your keyboard will send that response/request.

  • You cannot talk to in-game ATC, except for the menu. I use a payware called Pilot2ATC, the voice-recognition is pretty good. I have had the odd moment where I'm told to go-around when there was no traffic. If you really want live, you can go to VATSIM with human ATCs and pilots.

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  • All so true. If you turn on and use the AI Co-Pilot (he or she) will answer to your call sign for you. If you want to respond yourself, then you need to turn off the AI Co-pilot so he doesn't beat you to the punch, and use the ATC menu from the selection bar at the top of your screen on the tool bar. Just select the ATC icon and then select your response. However, you CAN NOT speak yourself directly ( unless you use VATSIM) or some other like that. The responses are designed to answer anything the AI atc has to say to you assuming it even requires a response. There are other choices as well; such as requesting alt change etc.....