Trim and autopilot problems

  • Since SU5 it is very difficult to fly any aircraft. I have completely emptied the community folder and use only MSFS aircraft. Any aircraft cannot be trimmed nose up or nose down. The trim indication in the cockpit seems to work but as soon as the trimming stops, the trim returns to neutral. As soon as the stick is released the plane entered a steep dive.

    The second problem is the autopilot. It cannot be disengaged. Only with the avionic master switch. But then all the avionics are gone. Is there any solution to this problem or do I have to hope for the next update?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Thanks for your hint, John. I am using Thrustmaster A-10 HOTAS. I now assigned A/P on and A/P off to two different buttons and that seems to work. Also the trim problem seems to have ended after switching off the A/P. The buttons on the PFD/ ND do not work however.