Filters for the website would be great

  • Love the website, I just wish I could filter out showing liveries and bush trips on the front page.

    I visit the site a lot to see what's new or updated, but I personally don't have any interest in liveries or bush trips, I know that's just me. It would be great to have them all not show clogging up the page for me.


  • You're correct. But if you go the the What's New page:

    I think that it probably gives you the selectivity that you're looking for if you want to see new addons. You can go directly to it and avoid the home page by setting up a bookmark to

    If you'd prefer to see addons of a particular type, you can always head over to one of the main download areas by using this as a bookmark, or any other of the sections you want to access in the same way.

    It would possibly be nicer to be able to go to a front page that presents exactly what you want, but be fair, the home page is really just there for the casual, or not so casual visitor, to showcase what we have on the site.

    If you are already hooked, there are other ways that can, with a little thought, improve your pleasure levels without doing work on the front page.

    On the other hand, I'm not a Mod on this site, and they may step in and fulfill your wishes, but in the mean time, my way probably gives you most of what you want in the interim.

    Oh, and you don't have to "clean out" the What's New section every time you visit, if you want to leave stuff in there to peruse later - you can be sure that the first addons you see in each section, are the latest addons that have been added to that section.


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  • Another way to get the filter menu is to click on the "view more" button on the New Uploads', Trending Right Now, Recently Updated Mods categories (it's on the right of the title) and when you go to the page it takes you, there is a filter menu there as well. Cheers.

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