The big SU 5 SDK shake up

  • Hi all,

    I've been trawling through the forums over at, and came across an interesting thread https://forums.flightsimulator…92#07292021-sdk-updatea-4 the relevant part of which you can read in the image below.

    Please read this, and give me your understanding of what it means. I'll post what I think it means right after the quotation itself:

    Now, my reading of this is that although MS/Asobo implemented changes to the SDK that impacted on addons, and led to the need for them to be recompiled, or whatever, #2 specifically states that "We have temporarily reverted the LOD selection mechanism to its previous state on PC". Is this telling us that whatever they did on July 29 has been reversed, and we shouldn't still be seeing crashes caused by failure to make the addons SU 5 compatible?

    In other words, has this whole SU 5 bogey-man been just that - a glitch that was around for a short time until the hotfixes were applied? Or am I reading it wrongly (or conversely, is the author talking through his fundamental orifice?).

    Please consider.


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  • Nice find John!

    ... and yes it confirms what many PC users have been saying about the dumb-down graphics after SU5.

    I dunno why Asobo-Microsoft are making things more complicated for developers.

    Is it really justified? I mean 4 LODs for one effect? Really!

  • Reducing the LODs like that could have significant improvement on certain types of sceneries with high density objects.

    But, very few sceneries have a high amount of objects in one place, save maybe for large airports. 4 LODs does seem like a lot, but it is a good practice when we make scenery for performance I suppose. Semi annoying, but if you know it is required beforehand, its easier to implement when you create models.

    I just wish this could be a setting in the sim rather than a fixed change.

    This whole pink aircraft texture issue is most certainly something similar to this for aircraft/aircraft textures.

  • With AI planes in FSX, we regularly used 9 levels of LOD, to prevent massive performance hits when there were a lot of planes around - and the first 3 or 4 LODs were cut in VERY early, or should I say, VERY close up.

    We tried it other ways, but all our AI models were made of many actual "models", from nicely rounded full detail, down to crucifix, two plane models.


    From Oz, Flight Simmer since FS1 - seriously since FS95

    Contributed to, and managed a site called ProjectAI for a time