Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (working cockpit)

  • I did download and install the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (working cockpit) into my MSFS2020 using MSFGS Addons Linker. The installations seems to be okay, but despite its name the cockpit does not work correctly. When I try to start the engies freom coldf and dark via the Check list procedure I run into problems. The Avionics master switch is not operational , the power levers do not respond visually to the input from my control (Saytec X65F). When I start engines using the keys control+e the enigines start, but after a short time they go out again. Sometimes I can manage to take off, but after a short time (no more than 5 minutes) engines shut down again. I did uninstall, re-downloaeded the aircraft file from ande reinstalled them again in the MSFS2020, but nothing changed. The aircraft is simply not "flyable". Does any other user have encountered similar problems and if so, does anybody know how to fix this problem?

  • If you have a look at the addon on the website, you'll see this:

    and if you look at the bottom line, about here ^^^^^^^^^^ you'll see that it has not been confirmed that it will work with SU 5, which was the last major update to the Sim.

    You need to go to the download page (as above), scroll down to the "Comments" section, and ask the author if and when they are going to re-upladed a recompiled version of the addon.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


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  • I went to the product page and ead teh comments, I'm apparently not the only one with these problems. It's a pity, cause it's a nice commuter plane which is misssing in the MS2020 even in teh Premium edition.

  • Unfortunately I don't believe that the creator will update the file. There are comments posted now 3 months ago reporting the bugs, and the creator has not responded to any of them, so it looks like the project has been abandoned.

    For now the plane is okay for taking screenshots etc, but is, like you said, unflyable, and can't be used for full flights.

    I would recommend waiting for a payware Dash 8 to be released. I'm not aware of any projects in development at the moment, but hopefully one is eventually made. As a plus a payware version would most likely have a real Dash 8 cockpit, instead of the CJ4.