! against many sceneries (indicating non SU 5 compatibility) not in step with actual downloads

  • Someone on the mod team came up with a great idea to mark non SU 5 compatible mods with a red exclamation mark in "My Downloads".

    Good idea.

    Unfortunately, a number of the mods marked like this have had the banner in the addon itself changed to green (compatible).

    Unfortunately, there has been no equivalent change in My Downloads, to remove the red exclamation mark, leaving users with mixed messages, and the worst of both worlds.

    Those of us who twigged what the red exclamation mark meant are now left with the ongoing task of dredging through all the RQM'd sceneries, for those that aren't really incompatible.

    Not once, but day after day, looking for those that have changed since the last trawl through.

    Is it possible for you to remove the RQM from those addons that don't need it any more? And keep doing that regularly, until we have no more addons in this state?

    It looks to me as though a LOT of sceneries have been tested by their authors, who have updated the addon without re-releasing it.

    Perhaps if the process was such that a mod compatibility change would force an automatic re-release, with a new date, but the same contents, would make life a little easier for rank and file strugglers like me.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Samples of RQM'd addons showing green tags


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