Multiple airport pack & search + location

  • Hello

    I have several packs of airports and several problems with that :

    - Indexing of airports is not possible if the ICAO is not in the title (but the title is limited in size) : One of my pack has 17 airstrips and that's too much for it. I've listed ICAOS in the description but this is not possible to search for them

    - there's only one coordinate possible for the pack; map will not be up to date.

    The only autonomous way for me would be to create as many new airports entries in the website as I have in my packs, put an empty zip and point the the pack project. That's not a very elegant way...

    What should I do in that case ?

    Regards & happy christmas !

  • Please upload the airports individually. :/

    If somebody makes another pack that overlaps with yours, I have to choose.

    Or if someone makes a single airport from your pack but better, I have to choose.

    I don't want to choose between packs or a pack and a single airport.

  • - The Discover site has been improved, it should now also list your file when the ICAO is in the files description, so there is no need to have it in the title anymore.

    - Same goes for the GPS coordinates, kindly add them to your files description. We will take this into account when we add your scenery. If not, you can create a ticket and request it.