Hello from IFR procedure fan

  • I have been here since the release of MSFS last year and downloaded and enjoying some of your excellent sceneries especially of Japan.

    I don't have knowledge or power to create MODs or original sceneries but when I am flying with some sceneries sometimes I come across discrepancies on IFR instrument displays. As a result, the aircraft tend to fly through or land strange and unrealistic places. Typical case is at the airports where 'offset ILS' is implemented. Many of those airports of MSFS do not simulate localizer offset procedures of real world.

    This is my pet peeve about MSFS. To cope with the issue, I invented an ad hoc resolution and uploaded that at 'Guides, Tips and Tricks' forum several days ago.

    Also, I uploaded my program 'EXCEL AVIATION WORKBOOK' to 'Utilities >> Toolkits' section nearly a month ago. This Excel workbook might be usable for calculating some necessary data in creating or modifying sceneries.

    I hope those help any of you fellow simmers annoyed with the same peeve as mine ;)