3D trees are gone.

  • My trees are now just flat 2D.

    Did have a lot of files in Community, took them all out in case one of them was the culprit.

    I have put the original 10- asobo_species.xml file into


    Still no good.

    Any ideas what I have stuffed up?

  • This may look a little daunting at first sight (especially when you open up all the sections) but it is the best document that I know of to show you what you should expect at each resolution - from Low to Ultra


    I've downloaded the pre-SU 5 version, and run it through Word into Acrobat, and use it as a reference guide to all scenery settings.

    I haven't though, seen 2-D trees anywhere in the Sim - a screenie would be of help, here.



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  • Hi John,

    This is EDVJ airport in new uploads today.

    This is what I see.....

    I have had MSFS 2020 since when it came out, and something very recently has done this .

    I have tried all tree settings but no change.

    I had loaded some "tree" uploads recently like tromso real trees terraforming and such, these just showed polygon trees, so I deleted .

    I have an empty community folder now and still no trees have come back.

    May I ask what size the original 10-asobo_ species.xml file is ?

    In case the one I put back in is wrong.

    Mine is showing size on disk 16.0 KB (16,384 bytes)

  • No, the only file I remember ever changing is the 10-asobo_species file, which changed tree heights only.

    I am sure the one I put back in is the original one.

    My other files which I have never touched are the same size as yours, except the size on disk is not the same, whether that matters or not.

    Maybe I should do a reinstall?

    I have tried 100/s of add ons and deleted many, maybe there is too much old files junk floating around.

  • For interest, the file name you listed has a space in the name. Please make sure that it doesn't have the same space in the name on disk.

    My 10-asobo_species.xml file is

    If it helps, here is what is inside my 10-asobo_species.xml file:

    (I've had to split it in two

    They do appear to be about the same size, but you might want to copy what I've listed below into a Word file, and do the same with your version, then use the document compare feature to look for differences. Just a thought.



    From Oz, Flight Simmer since FS1 - seriously since FS95

    Contributed to, and managed a site called ProjectAI for a time

  • I did a reinstall and got trees back.

    I now have 4 files inside fsbase/vegetation.

    In all my playing around with tree heights, I must have deleted the 3 biome files.

    Now all good.

    I saved my controls presets, but did not need to, as after reinstall, they were still there.