A few questions for all developers

  • I come cap in hand, honestly stating that my last development work for Flight Sim was back in the day of FSX.

    Ladies and gentlemen - and others,

    We have a little problem with our website at the moment, or more correctly, with the wonderful uploads that you have, in your generosity, provided for us who can only stand on the sidelines, with a lot of wonderful addons for our latest iteration of Flight Simulator.

    And what is the problem?

    I have currently downloaded 723 addons, or all types, from this site.

    The problem is that out of a total of 723 completed and uploaded addons, I can only rely on just 135 of them actually working.


    Because, we are told, that with SU 5, which we all know was a mandatory update, we have discovered that many of the great pieces of work that you have spent hours working on, are likely never to work again, and will end up being binned.

    Currently, there are just 135 addons on flightsim.to that we know, with some certainty, will work OK with SU 5 running - these being the only ones that have been recompiled/repackaged/whatever, since SU 5 exploded on the scene.

    That's just 18% of all the work you people have put in to creating a much better Flight Sim world.

    And if that is repeated acrross the whole site, it's certainly going to downgrade the amount of traffic that we'll be taking in future!

    What can we do about it?

    Well, I'm proposing a couple of threads here in one of the forums where users can list those addons that are marked "incompatible", but that actually work, can be listed. I'm taking a lot on myself, because I have no standing on this site, but I AM a concerned user.

    I'm further proposing that as addons are found to actually work, and are added into where-ever the thread is set up, that the site staff change the status of the addon to being compatible with SU 5.

    If this gains momentum, I'd like for you, the developers, to add to the list, if you don't want to resubmit a compatible version as a separate exercise.

    So, what am I really asking you to do - not for me, but for all of us.

    If you don't think that your addon is worth updating (because, perhaps, it's been overtaken by World Update scenery, or it's seen so few downloads that you would prefer to let go of it, rather than spending time on it, either now, or in the future), can I recommend that you remove it until you're ready to reupload it, or not, according to your proclivities. PLEASE DON'T take this step until you have checked that it is a crasher, because if it isn't, please leave it for others to enjoy.

    If, like us, you want to see your work continue to be admired by many fellow simmers, could you please make time to update your addon(s) the SU 5, and if it isn't going to happen very shortly, please leave an indication in the description as to when you think you're likely to get around to updating it, so that people urgently wanting your particular addons will have some date by which you expect to be able to do the update?

    I apologize for being verbose - that's my nature, and my age, but I feel very strongly about this issue.

    If anyone can see an easier way to address this issue, please don't hesitate to jump in and tell us what it is?

    If you think that I am wrong in any way - let me know. I'm a big lad, and have broad shoulders, but very little ego. I can take it.

    And if you agree that we need to do this, or something like this, that's good, too..


    From Oz, Flight Simmer since FS1 - seriously since FS95

    Contributed to, and managed a site called ProjectAI for a time