Started Work on KCLT today!

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    The autogen building for KCLT isn't very good. For a while now I've been hoping for a Developer to release KCLT for the sim, Payware or Freeware, but no one has. I recently got into 3d modeling, in fact I started because I wanted to start this project. I've decided I will be the one to fix KCLT. This project will be freeware, (of course) and I'm hoping that this project will drasticallly improve the airport, fixing the terrain, adding realistic buildings and trees, heck I may even go so far as to add the black outlines on taxiway markings. If you're interested in helping just let me know, it'll speed up the project a ton! (it may take a while on my own, I know how to 3d model in blender, but I am still learning!)