Ad-hoc measure for ILS offset problem

  • Many of flight simmers must be annoyed by the issue that offset ILS/LOC is not simmulated in MSFS2020. Since Asobo or Microsoft seems not planning to deal with this problem (I don't know if they are well aware of this issue), a lot of countermeasures are suggested by expert simmers.

    Here is my version of ad-hoc measure to cope with the issue using the free version of "Airport Design Editor F20 Edition" by ScruffyDuck Software.

    (1) Make a new project of the airport with correct MAGVAR (magnetic variation).

    (2) Add a transparent pseudo runway at a quiet place of the same level of the airport.

    (3) Make the runway's true heading same as the LOC course (true heading of the offset final course).

    (4) Add ILS to the runway with magnetic heading ( 'true heading' +- offset +- MAGVAR).

    (5) Set exact positions of LOC, GP, DME as necessary.

    (6) Save the project.

    (7) Edit 'xxx-airport.xml' in \PackageSources\data\ and set all 'deleteAllxxxx' items to 'FALSE'.

    (8) Build the project.

    (9) Copy the project's product to the Community folder.

    That's it! In this way, offset ILSs (or LOCs) are realized on my MSFS and enjoying more realistic flights. Hope this helps.

  • After making an offset ILS scenery design on ADE, the ILS course is displayed in a strange direction. It is because ILS course is made magnetic in (4) above. The strange point is that although the correct MAGVAR is set to the airport, you must assign the magnetic course as the ILS heading. Perhaps it is not the ADE's fault, but it seems MSFS is designed that way. I don't know the reason of this, but from the view point of scenery design, all azimuth should be given with true bearing, then converted to magnetic ones as necessary in the process of compilation. Any thought on this?