Stream Deck with MSFS

  • I've watched a lot of videos of people using Stream Decks with MSFS and it looks amazing. My only concern is that it takes away from normal (cockpit) interaction with controls. If I set up a Stream Deck correctly, I will basically never have to move around the cockpit and handle controls again, for any aircraft I set up. That seems to be a negative in a lot of ways.

    Does anyone here use Stream Deck and to what degree?

  • I do use it. Mainly for autopilot and auto throttle operation, all the other bits and bobs are nice, but pretty useless for me. Mainly because the N1 readouts on the buttons. They are clear and readable, but don't add much to moving your view to the instrument panel for a readout of the same information. Big downside is if you have to, for example, change altitude with the autopilot from 0 to FL300, you have to keep pushing the button to add 1000ft. If you press the button too much or too long the system becomes unresponsive and won't accept any input from the stream deck anymore. I'm using the 32 button one.