What does 'no mirroring' mean?

  • QUESTION ANSWERED: I see on a lot of the livery downloads the name of the livery includes "(no mirroring)". What does that mean? Or perhaps my question would be more precise if i asked "what is mirroring?"


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  • One good example is 747-8i.

    748's base model use same area of texture for both left and right side of the fuselage, so If we paint over fuselage texture, only one side of the aircraft shows right image, and the other side will look inverted. That is what we call mirroring, and thanks to Mugz and Adi boi, we can now make 3d decal over the aircraft instead of painting over the texture, which can solve this mirroring issue.

  • Just a bit more clarity. For some reason particularly with the 747 when new paint mods were made prior to a few months ago what ever was changed on the left side of the airplane was auto put on the right side mirrored. That means when you viewed the right side it was all backwards. For instance, if an ambulance is following you in your car and it is written "ambulance" across the front hood in REVERSE script, and you see it correctly in your rear view mirror that is "corrected" mirroring. If it was printed correctly on the hood and you looked at it through your rear view mirror it would be backwards. Two wonderful mod designers figured out how to fix it digitally using (I guess) the SDK, Mugz and Adi boi. Only because of them we can now have all the wonderful 747 mods 'correctly' painted all around. Hope this helped a bit more. Prior to their work all new 747 mods had the right side with all printing backwards. Beautiful mods, just didn't look at the right side for sanity reasons. If you would like to see this just browse through the archives back about 4 months and check out the older 747 mods and you will notice probably that the right side was never (hardly ever) shown. Because the lettering was backward and they didn't present well. Now, these days the newer mods are shown all around. Nothing to hide.

  • There is a problem with some models that you can only put a livery on one side of the aircraft.

    Here is a thread that describes what it is (in passing) and what the community thinks of mirrored textures (can you read backwards?)

    You'll only fid it on textures for planes that by default only allow mirrored textures, who have found one of the documented ways to avoid SATNAQ appearing on your QANTAS aircraft (one side only).


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  • Thank you all. I didnt know that problem existed but you've described it well and I understand what it means. Hopefully that issue is all behind us now.

    I'm glad i decided to start learning development on scenery rather than drawing liveries. Murphy's law is constantly in my life and i just know if i had decided to learn how to do liveries the plane i'd have chosen to learn on would have been the 747.


    Mike K

    Windsor, NSW, Australia