Upload screen shots broken

  • Created this upload the other day and it all looked OK. https://flightsim.to/file/19185/xcub-red-bulls-1-0.

    When I was looking at it today there are a whole heap of screen shots I didn't add. They all say "Image Processing. The image is not ready yet, please wait a few minutes". When I edited my upload to try and fix it, I found I can only delete my own screen shots, but can't delete the dodgy screen shots. I also can't add back in the 1 of my own I deleted either.

    I only ever added 6 screen shots so not sure where these extra ones came from.

    Can you please fix this? Thanks

  • There is something else that is interesting, as well.

    If you look just below the image that I've copied, you'll notice that although there are only 15 images apparently available, the total for your addon shows that this ^^^^^^ last one is showing up as "15 of 30".

    If you only loaded 6, this is probably the reason for part of the discrepancy, at least.

    If you look at the images individually, however, you can see these six, plus another 14, that aren't showing as "thumbnails"! Missing are 1 to 10 for some reason. So, although you think you've only uploaded 7, in fact there are a total of 20 images of your addon displayed.

    Here's one of the whole set (those that don't show)

    So, if you can sort out why you have actually loaded 20 when you only thought yo loaded 5, perhaps you'll get to the answer why it's somewhat screwed up.

    If any site Mod wants/needs to jump in here, please do so.



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  • I definitely only uploaded 6 images, 1 of which I deleted in an attempt to solve this problem. Those other images in your 2nd shot are from the user gallery uploaded by other people and shoudl not effect the main upload images. If the website owner doesn't fix this I'll just delete it and create it again.