Looking for some liveries for my VA

  • Hi All

    I'm looking to get some liveries made for my Virtual Airline. I used to do them myself but I don't have the time or energy anymore.

    The livery and logo is already designed and used on various P3D and XPlane aircraft, just need someone(s) to apply them to some MSFS2020 aircraft. I have a full re-painters kit with everything needed to create the liveries. It is a very simple livery with no complex patterns or colours.
    The exception is some of the executive aircraft, Ill mark below with a *. I don't have a fully completed livery for reference, but I do have a good idea of what exactly I want.

    Looking for the following aircraft.
    FBW A320, Default C208, Working Title CJ4*, Default Longitude*, Default/HD B78X, Default/Salty 747-8, Aerosoft CRJ-700, PMDG DC-6A.

    Ideally if I can get them done for free that would be amazing, but I'm not above paying for the commission.