• Was wondering if there would be a way to show that a download has the SU5 update under the title or cover photo without having to open the title just to find out it has not been updated yet? I know this sounds picky but at the same time the site is very large and if the program has not been updated it is basically not usable. Do not know if this can be done but if it could it would probably be liked by most everyone! I am sure future updates are coming to the sim and this would be a breath of fresh air just to look at the photo and know if it is up to date at a glance. :)

  • Thank you, John G for your excellent hints on cleaning up the Community folder. I did it exactly as you wrote and now MSFS seems to be working normally, except for trimming the DA 62. It is always hard nose down. It has no effect on the trimming. With my joystick or the keyboard . I cannot switch off the autopilot in DA 62 and C-172.

  • Hi John,

    I am using Thrustmaster Hotas A-10 joystick, rudder and throttle. After updating ,the trim seems to be working on any aircraft without autopilot. But in e.g TBM 90 the a/p cannot be switched off and trimming is not possible with the POV switches on the joystick. After switching off the avionics, there is (logically) no autopilot, buttrimming seems te be possble.

  • I forgot that at one point I had to refresh windows during the SU 5 update, and of course, I lost my thrustmaster/saitek drivers. I had a similar problem, but it went away when I reinstalled the drivers.


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