Main page tabs only showing first page

  • Hello.

    Seems that on the main page, when cliking on the new downloads tabs "1","2","3",.... the site is only showing the first page content when changing to another page. I need to click on "view more", then the different pages are working. Same at "Trending right now" and "Recently Updated"....

    Think there could be a problem with the linking....or?

    Thank you, kind regards, Pascal

  • If you ONLY want to see downloads you haven't seen before, Recent Activity -> What is new? (will give you a look at all addons & mods that you haven't seen. If when you've finished going through them, you click "Mark all read", that group will disappear, and next time you go to What is new", you'll ONLY see those mods that are new since your last visit.


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