Unusual Attitudes Airpark Central Victoria Australia

  • Hi everybody My name is Clint...I own a very lovely private airfield in Australia surrounded by a lake... I have 3 strips...my neighbour also has 3 short strips to the south on mine his can be seen in msfs2020 but mine cant as created some time after his

    i am looking for someone to help me build my airport for msfs2020...since bing maps is at least 7yrs old in my area there is nothing to see..i have a lovely airfield with 3 strips taxiways and cabins plus more...while the google maps image is about 5 yrs old you can get an idea if you search Unusual Attitudes Airpark on google maps...any help would be amazing .. cheers Clint-- anyone willing to help can have a free weekend in one of our beautiful cabins... obviously if you can get there lol.... our Unusual Attitudes Airpark facebook page and group will show pics...we are not commercial and only do events / flyins for charity +61418313158 i have tried to make my airfield in SDK but it does my old head in lol... thanks for any help given