Worldwide open source project?

  • Would there be any interest in this by enough modellers to make this work?

    Right now there are dozens of people working on scenery airports.

    Sometimes 2 people are working on the same thing, while it would be quicker if they worked together.

    Sometimes one excels at the buildings, the other at approach.

    Sometimes one creates a selection of VFR objects for an entire region which conflicts with another addon for a specific village.

    I think it's clear that an open source project is beneficial to the community.

    Or are we blinded by the donations and fame? :/


    How would it work: (in my eyes)

    The open source project is split in several downloads, so the users can pick what kind of scenery they want.


    At the basis there is the terrain. This is a necessity for it all to work. Anyone who wants to use the package needs this mod.

    The other modellers have to be on the latest version of this at all times.

    I think the current mod for terrain fixes in the north east of the USA has a fairly small filesize? So I guess we could make a single package for an entire continent, or the entire world without much trouble?


    I would split this in various packages, based on location and type of flying.

    When a single package is becoming too big, we could split it further.


    I would probably split it to this size:

    Benelux / Germany / Canada, Quebec / USA, Florida, Georgia, Alabama; (note: these are 4 different packages)


    Big airports for airliners / General Aviation airports / IFR Scenery (so mostly big items near big airports / VFR scenery (anything else)

    That way the user can decide what kind of detail he wants.

    my view on some rules: (of course open for discussion)
    don’t go overboard with the polys on a single building. It should have a decent FPS for everyone at all times.
    Photogrammetry should be avoided as much as possible. (it often looks bad and is bad for performance + loading times)

    Would there be any interest in this kind of project?

    I guess there is interest in this from a user POV, but are there devs willing to commit to this?

    Perhaps we could start with a local test project for a month or two? (EG Benelux / Germany / France / UK packages)


    Of course, there could be individual cases where users could want a single mod instead of our big package for a single airport or so.

    In that case we could set this package as lowest priority so that other mods load on top of it/delete our items for that location.

  • It sounds like an amazing idea. It's something I've thought about many times while trying to find a place to download sceneries. It's a huge mess. It doesn't seem like one website is the "standard", but from what I've gathered, this one is the biggest.

    You could also somehow make this a package of locations, where modellers could submit their work to the shared pool. And someone could make sure nothing conflicted. This would also make it much easier for people to enable/disable locations individually.

    Personally I've made folders for each country, and I use AddonsLinker to enable the countries I plan on flying in. But it's such a pain to manually download all sceneries for one location, and when stuff has to be updated... Yikes.

    I would gladly pay a monthly fee (and I'm sure MANY others would), for someone to spend time arranging scenery etc, - and maybe this could even make it possible for smaller creators to get paid a little bit?

    Something like $10-20/month would definitely be worth it for me, seeing how much time I would save. And there's thousand of users willing to do the same. That's a lot of money to be spread out to the individual modellers.

    Ps. Happy new year!